Screen tearing problem

Thanks to deathbringer I was able to install Intel UHD 630 graphics for my Windows 7 OS on my new modern PC, but I am having screen tearing issues that I did not have with my dedicated NVIDIA card. Is this anything to do with the driver or am I doing something else wrong?

OS: Win7 64-bit
Monitor: LG 1080p 60hz
Video card: Intel UHD Graphics 630
CPU: i5-10400
Player: Potplayer (happens on all players)

I had some tearing with my dedicated NVIDIA card which had roughly the same power as this onboard one but it wasn’t this bad.

I tried enabling VSync in both the player and the GPU control panel to override application settings with no effect.

The best renderer has always been the VMR7 windowed, all the others make the tearing much worse.

I could get another low-end dedicated GPU which will fit in this tiny PC but I would really prefer to save the one and only PCI-E x16 lane I have for NVME SSD slots.