SK hynix P41 2TB SSD low performance

I just got his SSD but I am not getting anywhere near the scores of review sites. I am using it on my Alienware m15 R7 laptop which has an AMD CPU and does support PCIe 4 running on Windows 11 22H2 using the default NVMe drivers that come with Windows.

My CrystalDiskMark score =

My 3DMark Storage score =

This site ( shows a 96.16 read score for the Random 4K Q1T1 Read / 455 write I’m getting much lower as you see

Also they have a 5026 score in 3DMark Storage Benchmark but I got only 2875

Verify the motherboard bus connection to the NVMe disk on the system with utilities like HWinfo etc…

Verify chipset drivers AHCI/NVME for your AMD platform: [Outdated] Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers - Important Drivers / General: Storage Drivers (AHCI/RAID, NVMe and USB) - Win-Raid Forum (

AMD Chipset Driver | Driver Details | Dell US

SK hynix Easy Kit (SSD Manager)
[Outdated] Recommended SSD Tools - System Performance / Solid State Drives - Win-Raid Forum (

Final note, what you saw in their review…its a Z690, a desktop system, dont expect same performance on a laptop, never.

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