[Solution] Win 7/Win8.1 x64 Ryzen APU Video driver

Thanks to a big guy who provided me with the motherboard and CPU test. This test borrowed A320 and B450 motherboards from 4 motherboard manufacturers, and 6 CPUs of 200GE / 2200G / 2400G / 3000G / 3200G / 3400G. Scores, games, and heterogeneous computing all work fine.

The driver does not require kernel modification, so it is more stable to use than the modified version of Intel’s graphics driver. As long as AMD updates the driver, I will follow up with the update and keep the new version.
Considering the use environment, the driver source package uses the Internet cafe version driver.

200GE / 2200G / 2400G —— Raven, corresponding to 2 sets of USB host control, ID is 15E0 / 15E1
3000G —— Raven2 (native dual-core 4 threads, non-castration) corresponding to 1 set of USB host control, ID is 15E5
3200G / 3400G ——Picasso, corresponding to 2 sets of USB host control, ID is 15E0 / 15E1













Vulkan API work well.



OpenGL API work well.


DirectX API work well.



Files updated to B6, 2019.12.05
Added USB driver support for DEV_15E5 and Nvidia GTX16 series / RTX20 series USB drivers.

Files updated to B7,2019.12.07
Re-edit graphics card driver INF, native support for RAVEN / PICASSO architecture. Fix boot prompt, 07E blue screen problem, fix 3200G / 3400G desktop to death, fix OpenGL cannot be used.

Files updated to B8,2019.12.10
FIX some drivers problem and MOD drivers used SHA1 digital signature that support win7.

Files updated to B9,2019.12.12
FIX some drivers problem and add AMD Log Utility Driver support.

Files updated to B11,2019.12.16A
Add Renoir,Starship Driver support, and Graphics audio driver replaced with SHA1 signature.

EDIT: UPDATE the USB DRIVER. 2019.12.18
Fix the problem that the USB driver fails when the driver is integrated into the image without the SHA256 patch for WIN7.

EDIT: UPDATE the APU video DRIVER. 2019.12.20
APU video update to 19.12.3

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.01.14
Add AMD Audio CoProcessor driver in.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.02.13
USB driver update to Graphics driver update, fixed the bug that the monitor could not wake up in standby or sleep.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.02.15
Graphics driver update to 20.2.1, fixed the Vulkan API problem.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.02.22
Graphics driver update, fixed the GPU OpenCL API problem.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.02.27
Graphics driver update, fixed the CPU OpenCL API problem

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.04.12
Fix some BUGs,Graphics driver update.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.06.22
Mainboards and Graphics driver update,support 4000s APU and A520/B550/PRO565 mainboards (500 series need AMD AGESA ComboV2

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.07.4
APU driver fix and back to the 19.12.1 version on B29.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.07.11
APU driver fix and back to the 19.Q4.1 version on B30.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.07.13
APU driver bug fixed and update to the 20.7.1 version on B31.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2020.12.01
Update some driver for mew mainboards and new coming CPUs.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2021.08.27
Update some driver for mew mainboards and new coming CPUs.

EDIT: UPDATE the DRIVER. 2022.01.21
Update some drivers.

Before you use the new diriver, use DDU to uninstall the old one. This driver support win7, win8.1, WIN10_1507 systems.

The driver package already contains all the supporting drivers of AMD, so there is no need to install the AMD CHIPSET DRIVER.
Because its USB driver of the official driver will cause the system 0x000000C2:BAD_POOL_CALLER BSOD.

Pure drivers for mainboards and CPUs: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/IpDZieIKsyTZtg

Pure drivers for Ryzen APU Video driver 21.5.2 with CCC: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/YZ07VRcMcEvx3A

Pure drivers for Ryzen APU Video driver 21.11.1 iCafe:https://disk.yandex.ru/d/1wvhFXDF9PQDag

For win7 to use this package, image pre integration of sha256 patch is required: click download: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=46148

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The driver bug of video encoder were solved, B31 above only.

USB driver supports 15e0 / 15e1. It also supports 149c USB controller of x570 / ryzen 3000 CPU.

you’re a god, thx
ps. no vulkan support ?

I am still trying to fix it.

I’m trying to make 3400g APU working on Windows 7 x64 OS. Tried this modded display driver but it returns “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)” error. What am I doing wrong?

Already tried clean installation with DDU.

Can you post the picture here, display driver can work very well. Or other devices meet code 43?Like AMD PSP device will meet cod 43 if your system missing patch.



Thank you very much for your work!
Was able to get windows 7 up and running on a 2500u Lenovo(330s-15arr) laptop thanks to this. TYVM.
(no touchpad or wifi, but that’s a different story)

Using blender for example 2 hour or more make win 7 freezes and monitor goes into black screen.

Hi! Sorry for stupid question, but how can I intergrate your driver to Windows ISO/USB? I wanted to try some methods from internet, but they most often belong on intergrating only one or few drivers with midifying boot.wim and install.wim. At now I did method with PowerISO and it’s DISM Tool but still got BSOD while booting. Again sorry, I never tried to modify Windows install in past. Thanks in advance.

@ch33k1br33k1 You can do it on multiple ways, my favourite one would it be if you use my script. You would have to copy the drivers into the directory DriverSP2.9\x64 to integrate them into the install.wim.
You can get it, and required, useful updates and tools, here:
User: nutzer
Password: 132
It will integrate some updates and other drivers that enhance the functionality of Windows 7 and I think, as always, it would be a waste of resources to install further updates, but you can of course if you want to.

Thanks for reply! Your script seems to work very well, but unfortunately I still get ACPI BSOD or get stuck at "Starting Windows" when i completly turn off CSM support in BIOS. Then also backlight in my keyboard turns off. My motherboard is Gigabyte B450M DS3H-CF with F2 BIOS version and my processor is 2400G. I tried to make USB installer both in BIOS mode and UEFI mode. Any suggestions what can I do?

Update the latest bios first.
BIOS setting: turn on CSM first, disable fast boot.





Thank you so much! Now everything works fine!

Thank you.

Hi Canonkong!
I understand the aim of all of these MODs is PCs and Workstations (AMD CPU with G). But I’d want to know if you’ve tested these on laptops (AMD CPU with U). Thanks in advance for your kind answer.

This driver also can work on laptops,but bios from the laptops must support csm and fully acpi like Thinkpad E595 series.

Thanks for your answer Canonkong ! Nevertheless a Thinkpad is something expensive for me, so I’d like to know if your MOD could work out on a Ideapad, an Aspire 3 or a HP Pavilion. Thanks again!

Vulkan API is supporting and working well now.