[Solution] Win 7/Win8.1 x64 Ryzen APU Video driver

Let me try to solve our problem another way - Can anyone advise a Ryzen processor which supports Windows 7 !

Note - I know that one can install Win 7 on many of Ryzen CPUs, but I am asking for a Ryzen (5) CPU which supports a
discrete card installation under Win 7 and after its Win 7 drivers installation, show that graphics card in device manager!

That will be a big help. I believe that some of older Ryzen driver supports Win 7 .

If You know one PLEASE HELP US ALL.

hello aqua,

my computer is running ryzen 5 3600 with nvidia t400 on windows 7 64bit; it is no APU, but thats ok;
another computer is also running Windows 7 with a AMD APU, but it is Bristol Ridge APU, technically no Ryzen CPU.

EDIT: was planning to upgrade to Ryzen 5600, but atm the Motherboard BIOS does not support it in Beta BIOS.


what motherboard do you use for ryzen 5 3600

use a simple b450m pro vdh plus; previously i used asrock a320 and asus x470 with also no problem for windows 7; there is problem apparently with some newer motherboards, but i have not the experience with those yet; you can check for compatibility in this thread here (there seem some suggest newer asrock have acpi issue but i think some user seem to dislike asrock on the thread, just my impression)
[Solution] Win7 Drivers for modern AMD USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers (51)

EDIT: THe Nvidia T400 was unstable on Windows 7, so i am back on AMD CPU/GPU Combo (Ryzen 5 + WX 2100)
also the newer GPU like 6500 XT or 6400 seem to have Windows 7 driver

Edit- i managed to install display drivers by telling windows to search in c:\amd folder which was created by 21.11.1 iCafe. but i see one device without a driver “PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_15D1&SUBSYS_876B1043&REV_00”

anyone know what is this ?

i installed 21.11.1 iCafe link given and it works on Windows 7, except sometimes it freezes at booting and i have to reset the system. so thought of installing Win8.1 with classic shell and 21.11.1 iCafe says system not compatible…
i managed to install Win7 and 8.1 by getting a USB to PS/2 adapter and a old ps/2 mouse

system -
Athlon 3000G
Asus ‘EX320 Gaming’ Mobo


Hello people,
is there a working 64-bit Win 7 AMD video driver for the Ryzen 5 5600G and B550 motherboard?

I have managed to install Windows 7 Professional on my computer and everything is working well, except for the task scheduler, which shows an error “MMC could not create the snap-in”…

Searching the internet, I found several instructions, basically as shown on this site https://www.get-itsolutions.com/fix-mmc-could-not-create-the-snap-in-error/ I tried modifying the registry, enabling net framework, renaming mmc.exe, running DISM (error code 87) and system file checker (sfc) in cmd.exe, as well as disabling and deleting NVIDIA video driver for GTX 970 graphics card, which is also connected in the PC, and installing microsoft update KB2966583.
But nothing worked! Task scheduler still won’t run and is showing the MMC error.

Has anybody encountered the same problem??? Does anybody know how to fix it?

Some sources referred to the MMC error due to a wrong or absent video driver. This might be the case, indeed…
Background info: Before the OS installation, I have added drivers and few updates to the Win7 Pro ISO-image with NTLite to make the installation run:

System components: B550 motherboard, Ryzen 5 5600G, Samsung 980 SSD, Geforce GTX970 GPU

found the missing driver ‘AMD IOMMU Device’ in the usb driver pack

AMD_Chips_Drivers_B17_Win7_8.1_SHA256\System Device\AMD IOMMU Device. got link of driver in the post above.

Добрый день, подскажите для WINDOWS 7х64, где скачать и как установить драйвер для видеокарты на Asrock a520m-hvs? Спасибо.

ASrock X570/B550/A520 can not work with win7 because its bios not have a fully acpi support.

Добрый день. После прошивки BIOS до последней версии, мне удалось установить виндовс 7 и все драйвера. Возможно ли принудительно поставить?

Not true, I have an ASRock X570 board and it works fine. He likely needs to update BIOS or patch the acpi.sys if any issues appear.

После прошивки BIOS до последней версии мне удалось установить виндовс 7 и все драйвера, кроме видеокарты. .Возможно ли принудительно установить. Поиски показали, что драйвера видеокарты на данную модель платы нет для windows 7х64 . Если установится, то GPU не будет работать.

What is the GPU? Is it integrated or is it something else?

Я так понимаю, что графический процессор отвечает обработку видео (для примера RENDER Adobe Premiere). А так он будет выключен.

Ok, but I need to know the model to give you the driver. This topic might be the right place if you have an AMD APU, but you could also have an AMD or Nvidia GPU instead.

ASRock A520M-HVS
DMI версия BIOS P2.10
Операционная система Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Тип ЦП 6x , 3900 MHz
Чипсет системной платы AMD K17.6 FCH, AMD K17.6 IMC
Тип BIOS AMI (02/24/2022)
Видеоадаптер AMD Radeon™ Graphics (512 МБ)
Звуковой адаптер ATI Radeon HDMI @ AMD K17.6 - Display High Definition Audio Controller
Звуковой адаптер Realtek ALC887 @ AMD K17.6 - Audio Processor

Yeah, you need the driver from this post, just download it and try installing it.

Спасибо, еще надо выяснить какой именно))

i have a question i have an ryzen 5 3400g and i love widnows 7 i found this and i install the driver but at some point i get a notification wich says driver ati stopped and succesfuly recovered and my screeen goes black for 5 secons and it turns on but at another some point it give me bluescreen , i don’t know why and sometime it give me bluescreen whithout the ati error !!!PLS HELP!!

I guess try both the CCC and iCafe drivers, see which one works the best.