[Solution] Win7/8.1 Drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new AMD Chipset Systems

Use the driver from the AMD drivers package.
Check the system patches.
I test the ALC4042, ALC4080, ALC4082, ALC5686 with the old driver I posted, they all can work fine.

Can it be used for Windows7 operating system?

Yes, but I am not sure what the patches that win7 needs.

The bsod welcomes you even in the msi z790 d5 wifi mobo.

Sound Drive on MAG Z690 TOMAHAWK WIFI DDR4 Motherboard
Worked fine with the 11/03/2022 driver.

Will windows 7 work on Asrock b650m riptide or there will be problems?

Hello. Is acpi.sys a signed driver? If so, does someone here have the signed acpi.sys driver? I’m not sure how all this works.

I’m on a Ryzen 7 5800X, with a GIGABYTE Aorus Elite X570 WiFi motherboard, using the modded driver and I would prefer not to disable driver signature enforcement to run Windows with. Plus, I think the modded acpi.sys triggers anticheat, as EAC said to remove acpi.sys before it can start their games

What the ALC4082 device ID msi z790 d5 wifi mobo is?Can old driver work fine with it?

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It can work fine.


The mod acpi.sys signed use Nvidia sha1 Leak. I test few anti-virus softwares will not kill it.

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@canonkong I have a question for you. Since AMD drivers are open source, will there be any chance of you modifying Radeon drivers for the new 7900 series graphics cards?

With my ability, I can’t make a drive.
I think it needs strong ability to drive developers to improve.

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@canonkong I saw in the thread that you’re running (or tested) ALC408x audio drivers on Windows 7. Could you please paste a link where I can download those drivers ?

My mainboard is Asus Crosshair VIII Extreme and it has ALC4082 audio onboard. I have Windows 10 running on it and I absolutely hate it. I’m planning on installing Windows 7 or 8.1 but I need to get drivers for the onboard audio chip first.

BIG thank you !

Download the driver package from the first floor I post,you will find the driver you need.

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Mr. Canonkong please tell us the model of motherboard?

I can’t start Windows 7 installer on Gigabyte MC62:
It looks like that there is not CSM support only UEFI.

And one more question if you don’t mind.
Can you confirm that MSI X670 P Wifi will work with Windows 7?

MAG Z790 Tomahawk WiFi DDR5

It worked without problems on mobo.

The WRX80 mainboard is MSI WS WRX80.
MSI X670 P Wifi can work fine on win7, except the wifi6 card.
If you want to use Wi-Fi6 on win7, only RTL8832AU, RTL8852AU, RTL8852BU those Wi-Fi6 network cards can work on win7.


I think the Gigabyte MC62 have CSM, just not show in the BIOS, maybe can use Universal Form Browser to open the CSM.


Thank you for fast reply!
Wifi is not important i’m using only Lan.

can someone please share


as it seems no longer available to download,
only if it still applies and is useful, thanks!

I prepair to upload a new one with latest driver.