[Solved] Missing XP Drivers for Intel 8-Series Chipset System

Please keep in mind, that the "Windows XP Mode for Windows 7" does not support Direct3D, OpenGL and other technologies, that depend on a GPU.
To use software depending on 3D capable GPUs (like games and certain media players), please use VMware Player/Workstation (Direct3D and OpenGL) or Oracle VirtualBox (OpenGL).

BTW: the recent documents menu can be enabled in the start menu and taskbar settings :slight_smile:

Thx, mr_nuub.

Later, I’ll try XP using VMWare and also Virtual-PC.
I’ll report results.

Question: Does the computer resources, like power processing and memory, would be highly affected by using a program to act like a plataform to support XP?

In fact, I miss that.
Now, I enabled it and it’s the same as XP. :slight_smile:

Testing and experimenting XP Mode.

First impression is about hotkeys. Bad impression. Virtual-PC captures too many hotkeys I usually use.
VMWare allows to config this behaviour. I cannot find it in Virtual-PC.

1. During my daily work, I avoid using mouse and I have more than 2 programs to manage hotkeys. I also have my own program, written in Delphi to control many actions on Windows. Virtual-PC is messing all… Host computer is grabbing almost all hotkeys, including CTRL-SHIFT-ESC and CTRL-ALT-DEL. I noted a button to call Task Manager, but, as said before, I avoid mouse usage.
2. Programs I install on XP-Mode are stored in another folder, not in "C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines", as was expected.
3. Many device are missing:

I’ll test more, but in first hand, I think, Virtual-PC is not a solution…
And I’ll try VMWare also, but this one, I already knows what to expect.

So, my hopes falls back to the last missing driver "Intel Display Audio HD driver".
Fernando, are you here, somewhere?

Yes, I am here and always thinking about how to solve your XP driver problem.

Yes, I am here and always thinking about how to solve your XP driver problem.

Sorry, mate, I was joking. :slight_smile:
But it would be wonderful if we could find that damn driver, wouldn’t it?
Thanks again for your kind guidance.

Maybe the attached modded driver will work.
Good luck! (fingers crossed)

Intel-Display-Audio-Driver_v5.14.0.3090-for-XP_mod-by-Fernando.rar (102 KB)

Maybe the attached modded driver will work.
Good luck! (fingers crossed)

Fernando, or Dieter, I won’t kiss you because you’re a man, and I prefer women.
But I would kiss you with a big smack.

Intel Audio Driver was sweetly installed and now it is living in my XP.
Thanks to you and your enormous knowledge.

Thread solved like a charm.
My sincerely gratitude.

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I am happy, that you succeeded with this driver and that I was able to help you.
I really like such tasks!

Enjoy your now fully working Windows XP!

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Sorry I know that this is too late, but…

In my case the driver installs fine but windows says that it don’t detect any audio devices :’(

@kingknuts :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Does that mean, that you cannot hear anything else than the fans, which are inside your computer?
What does the XP Device Manager show instead?
Do you see any "Unknown Devices" or yellow flagged devices there? If yes, which are their HardwareIDs?

Dieter (alias Fernando)


I Can’t hear anything, just my fan ;).

The device manager displays “Controladora de sonido Intel(R) para pantallas” and driver working properly. but I dont have access to the volume icon on the task bar.
I have an Unknown Device but is my VGA adapter. If I install the vga adapter my screen goes weird, even not displaying the cursor. (I have to press 5 seconds the power button).

In 25 mins I will upload a screenshot. As i’m not at home…

Thanks for your very quick answer.

Screen Shoot uploaded:

“No audio device”

@kingknuts :
Regarding the Audio driver: Have you activated the hardware acceleration?
Regarding the NVIDIA graphics driver: You have to look for an older driver, which supports Windows XP.

Audio: I cannot change anything. In the bios I have enabled AZALIA codec but It don’t have anything to do with the sound…
Nvidia: The driver is installed but disabled because its based in the properly working of my main Intel HD 4600 card. As its not working, Windows cannot enable it. Its just the 3D renderer…
As you see in the screenshoot if I remain the Intel GT2 Graphics Driver, in 15 min. or the next reboot, the screen goes weird ending in BSOD 0x0F4. Thats why i’m always disabling or even trying to delete the vga controller. (But Windows is always installing it… I don’t know from where is he taking the drivers…)

Its to late and tomorrow I have to work. Good night!!!

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And also, you can try to use a driver download software to help you get all drivers one time.
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@sammycloud :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thanks for trying to help the Forum member kingknuts!

Where is "HERE"? I don’t see a link.

The link doesn’t work.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #29
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thanks for trying to help the Forum member kingknuts!

The link doesn’t work.

True don’t work, also as I didn’t got the sound to work I’ve moved to x64 bit of Windows XP, also I tried Vista x64 sound drivers and they didn’t work…

There is a problem with the driver for the Intel Audio for Display device: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2807&SUBSYS_80860101&REV1000
Driver ver. (06.12.2011) is installed, there is no exclamation mark in the dispatcher, but when the TV is connected via There is no HDMI additional device in the audio device and, accordingly, sound via HDMI does not go to the TV. What else needs to be included in XP so that the driver does not just become, but actually works?

Maybe you can’t do without driver modification? For example, port it from windows 7 or 8, by the way, in windows 7 on driver version (03/31/15) HDMI sound is transmitted to the TV without problems …

Hi @Fernando ! You helped not just Gab_Arito, but many others like me myself, by gifting us your magic archive containing three files that you had created by revamping drivers otherwise un-recognizable by Windows XP. I have Intel(R) Core™ i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz ; and about nine devices in XP’s device manager were getting shown in the yellow color, as the drivers for them hadn’t been installed. I could find XP drivers for some of them, by doing extensive net surfing, for instance, for : Vendor ID “10EC” and Device ID “8136” ; and I just could not find XP drivers for some of them, for instance, for : Vendor ID “8086” and Device ID “2807” . Would you care to teach us - or equivalently provide us the name of a book or an internet link that can teach us - how exactly you do this revamping ( modding perhaps as it should be called in exact terms in this context ) to create a driver recognizable by Windows XP? There are four devices I have to find drivers for : Vendor ID “168C” and Device ID “0036” ; Vendor ID “8086” and Device ID “0A16” ; Vendor ID “8086” and Device ID “9C3A” ; Vendor ID “8086” and Device ID “9C22” . I used all the resources I could think of : from Dell Customer Support to Intel’s Site ; Google to ChatGPT … Earnest thanks.

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