Successfully flashed RTX 2070 Max-Q (80W) to Razer blade 15 90W TDP and ful MaxP

Hi I have a bairbones Tongfang (same as overpowered wallmart laptop) but the new RTX lineup. I have the 15" which goes standard with the 2070 MQ 80W TDP bios. The razer blade 15 also has a 2070 MQ but t 90W TDP so I flashed it on my 2070 MQ and it worked but I lost mini dp funtionality. I assumed this was because my laptop has 2 x mini dp and the razer has 1.

So I decided to go a lil crazy and flashed the full 2070 115W that is in the 17" version of the same TF chassis which also has 2 x mini dp but also lost mini dp functionality.

So to me something in the uefi is stopping from the mini dp to work unless I’m using the original vbios of the 15" chassis of course then its working again.

Do you know how I could get my mini dp working on the a different vbios so I can keep using the 90W vbios? or even the 115?

Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated! Thanks!

@zill - As mentioned in the other thread, please upload these BIOS or vBIOS for me to look at. If this is a BIOS setting/thing more than a vBIOS thing, why don’t you just unlock BIOS and change the TDP in your original BIOS?
I do assume it’s vBIOS though, since you’re loosing DP functionality. This means you need to take your vBIOS source and use it to transfer same vBIOS settings to the other vBIOS using Intel BMP Program (Or at least transfer/edit the other vBIOS to match same settings for everything DP related)


Yes I replied in the other thread.

Its the vbios that I want to use (90W) from another laptop onto mine that causes me to lose mini dp. I never heard of the intel BMP program but there’s some kind of string missing to enable mini dp on the vbios I want to use. I understand the trick is to compare them and edit to restore functionality, I’m kinda new to all this so forgive my noobness but very much interested in the subject from a purely enthusiast aspect

I will do some research on the intel BMP see if it gets me anywhere

PS: I’ve uploaded a link with the OG vbios and 90W that I’m trying to use by getting the mini dp working on it.

Thanks again for your help, I REALLY appreciate !!

@zill - Yes, I understand the issue, from the beginning, and planned to help. Sorry I didn’t make that more clear here in my reply, I guess it does sound like I meant for you to get on the fixing instead of me I need a copy of both BIOS, your original system BIOS and the BIOS you are crossflashing.
Have you used unlocked BIOS yet, in general, to see if you can adjust the TDP stuff there too (Aside from graphics, I mean general system TDP), there’s tons of TDP/thermal settings in an unlocked BIOS for several areas.
OverPowered TONGFANG CyberPower Machrevo MACHENIKE - Unlocked BIOS Guide W/ Files

It kindda sounds like you think the NVIDIA vbios is located as a GUID section on the system’s main UEFI bios chip. Which is connected and read by the intel PCH. However I was under the impression that nvidia vbios are stored on their own separate SPI chip. Which is then connected directly to the GPU core. And sits behind it on the pci-e bus.

And that the nvidia vbios is signed. With the signature being checked by either the gpu at boot time, or otherwise the nvidia driver. Which prevents arbitrary modification. (unless it can be resigned after modification, but only nvidia has the signing key). It has been this situation since after maxwell. (so: pascal and newer).

However there is also the possibility of some type of hardware glitching during boot time. In order to fool / skip over such an integrity check. The topic is not researched. [edit] which is often very difficult and/or unlikely to work.

Perhaps an alternative approach would be to make a hardware modification so that the 15 inch machine presents itself (in hardware), just like the 17 inch version. As far as the displayport output is concerned. Which might end up being an easier way to solve the problem. Assuming that you are OK with the 115w TDP. Just a thought.

do you think you could link where you got your bios from would be very appreciated. I myself am trying to unlock my lenovo y740 rtx 2070 max q to the 90w variant

It would seem that a hardware mod (shunt mod / or similar) to increase the power limit makes more sense. As that is what appears to work the best. Perhaps we can link to another thread elsewhere showing how to do that on certain notebook(s).

Hi, can you provide please bios with 115w tdp, i cant find anything. Ill try flash it too. I already tried flash razer bios on my hp omen, but it wont work. I had to flash it back blindly. It was fun.

Hey you mind linking that full 2070 vbios. Would very much appreciate it

I would assume a 10W change won’t overwhelm the VRM.

I really wish we could just edit the vbios on Ampere GPU’s like we could back in the day with Kepler and Nibitor. I flashed a Razer 130 watt 3080 vbios on my 2021 Blade Advanced 15 inch and it works perfectly since it is from the same brand and chassis so my displayports also work. I wish I could use a vbios with a higher tgp though.