System Agent and IO voltages are hidden


0x30D4F Numeric: DRAM Voltage (CH A/B), VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x14B9, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0xE6, Size: 2, Min: 0x0, Max 0xFFFF, Step: 0x1 {07 94 BD 04 C0 04 E6 00 01 00 B9 14 10 11 00 00 FF FF 01 00}


65535 - gigabite defaults number ?
unfortunately I don’t know,., my bios has only one option " from OVERCLOCK/MEMORY/VDD" :confused:

use offsets that don’t work in AMIBCP for better OC
, but you probably won’t overcome the 1.4V limit on ram

also don’t risk burned mobo !!!

Default is 0, but optimal is 65535
Kinda weird :sweat_smile:

There are 6 options only when in bios setup:

Auto, Normal, 1.200V, 1.250V, 1.350V, 1.400V

So I am assuming from 0x0 to 0x5 there are 6 settings. If I tick 6 (7th option which is not there) what could happen? :thinking:

or your setting 1452465?
but I really don’t know what happens if you change this number - to 1.6V or 1.3V or what this number indicates :confused:
75535 - 1.65 / or 55535 -1.25 V ?? really do not know

also 65535 - is in AMIBCP - evrivhere under M.I.T. domain

recommended basic tuning ,.,.not risk burned mobo !!
,.,.use extra options for OC “but this modding is dangerous”

Hold on a second I will post what changes when I set from Auto to 1.400V all options we probably can guess from there

try 1.2V in MIT -verify this gigabite nuber - 55535 ?

Like I guessed :upside_down_face:.

Auto #1 option translate to 00
Normal #2 option translate to 01
1.200V #3 option translate to 02
1.250V #4 option translate to 03
1.350V #5 option translate to 04
1.400V #6 option translate to 05

The input is numeric have min 0x0 and max 65535, but default is 0 which is auto even tho there is crazy amount of possible inputs here from 0x0 to 65535 the bit here correspond to the order of the option which in it’s turn means auto, normal, 1.2…etc

I will show off screenshots

this is on Auto #1 option bit is 0x0

this is on Normal #2 option bit is 0x1

this is on 1.200V #3 option bit is 0x2

this is on 1.250V #4 option bit is 0x3

this is on 1.350V #5 option bit is 0x4

finally this is on 1.400V #6 option bit is 0x5

so trying 0x6 makes sense right?

ok .,.but how unlock 1.4+ "option “6"7"8”
or what you see in M.I.T. 65535 ??? for “5”

it just depends on what it follows :smiley: ,.,.but variable is possible RESET “CMOS reset”

well, the thing is where these options comes from. I mean how they are shown

I don’t understand what you mean about “what you see in M.I.T, 65535 for 5”

I will try. whatever happens fk it :rofl:

how look M.I.T. tab ?
i seen only from dump :upside_down_face: “probarly bad numbers” ,.,.you must read actual numbers
you see only options Auto, Normal, 1.200V, 1.250V, 1.350V, 1.400V ?? not this numbers 65535 or similar ??

Nope, in bios settings they are options, but with IFR extractor it shows that input is numeric from 0 to 65535 with a step of 1 which means thousands of possible inputs. That why it looks weird!!!.

AMIBCP reads the same failsafe 65535 and optimal 0

0 means Auto
5 means 1.400V

6! means Auto again! :man_facepalming:
From there everything after 05 means Auto looks like

The voltage looks again 1.4V when I set to 6, but in bios it shows Auto

Tried 06, 07, 08 all are 1.4V actual but shows auto in bios. Should I try changing to 65535?

Unfortunately, I don’t know, but I think “5” is this value.
,…try others options what not works in AMI BCP for better OC

more is think impossible ,…,don’t risk damage :wink:

Thank you really. It was really fun topic to me. I hope I didn’t bother you :sweat_smile: I learnt some stuff. Really useful stuff :person_gesturing_ok:

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