[TOOL] H20EZE - Insyde "Easy BIOS Editor"

Since your linked Acer InsydeH20 “stock Bios” is an installer and doesn’t contain any “pure” BIOS file, I have moved your request into this already existing thread and hope, that you will get help here.
Good luck!

It should have a BIOS file inside the installer, I haven’t dumped mine yet, I’m not sure what is the correct way to do it without a BIOS programmer

You can get the *.exe file extracted by using andyp’s PhoenixTool (look >here<).

I meant extracting my BIOS I already have on the chip so after modding it keeps the Serial Number and stuff like that, I gave the link to the official BIOS because other members seem to do that too

By the way I’ve been wondering if it’s maybe possible to force the BIOS to work in a different USB mode, it forces xHCI on every device which makes it harder to use literally any older OS or tool

I have a HP notebook link:


It has a .bin file and a .s12 file. The s12 file contains encryption data. If any modification on bin file, it prevents flashing bios to the notebook.

Do anyone knows, how to re-encrypt .s12 file to flash the modified bios to the notebook?

It needs a tool I can say tried with H2OEZE but can not solve it.

I wish to replace B2 bios with B6 bios file. Which is cpu706E5_plat80_ver000000B6_2022-08-02_PRD_9C86B6F1.bin

Please help…

Note: I have successfully replaced the B2 file with B6 file with a hex editor to the bin file, but the problem here is re-encrypting .s12 file!

It may be that Windows is already loading the latest microcode before starting the whole system. Check the next registry path to make sure HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0

You can not re-encrypt .s12 file. This is HP confidential technology.

Update: Files attached to the forum and underlined dead links.

If you have a crashing problem with the X86 version, try the X64 version! vice versa

H2OEZE (x64)

Release: April 19th, 2019


InsydeH2OEZE_x86_WINx64_100.00.03.11.zip (7.3 MB)

Please help me, I use Ideapad Gaming 3
and I want to edit bios version (type 0).

Been reading this topic since 2019. I have a question that is how can i extract this boot logo file from this laptop acer predator 300 and use that logo in my laptop that is an acer nitro 5 AN515-58 which uses insyde h2o bios ver 2.10? Will h20eze be enough to change this boot logo or will i have to combine some other tools as well in order to successfully change my boot logo to the predator boot logo. Thank You.

h2oshittytool has no search function, so it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed by using just this program.

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Thanks for the swift response! I’ve finally managed to view and locate the boot image in h2o(shi*y)eze, can i somehow extract it or will i have to go through the above lenovo method you suggested?

If the program actually managed to open the bios file, you can try replacing logo. Option to browse for a new logo may not be available in the version you downloaded. But it’s available in another.

Also, logo can be an animation of several images. Keep this in mind.

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You’re absolutely right there are at least 70-80 images in one logo, is there any way i can batch extract them from the predator bios and then apply them on my nitros bios?

Perhaps, you can make a script. Which parses all file GUIDs found by UEFIFind matching certain pattern. Extracts them and then applies with another tools.

Quick update, upon thoroughly inspecting Components > Logo, Acer uses the same logos in both the bioses, so we just have to figure out where and which address we can change so that it boots the predator logo. Predator logo is already present in my nitros bios. Can you please help me with that.

IMO, this is more difficult than manually replace logo files. The problem is I don’t know how bios determines which logo to show. By smbios strings? By serial number? No idea.

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I have a Clevo L140AU notebook with the latest available BIOS version and wanted to change the boot logo from default to my own.
When I’m opening the BIOS file with H20EZE I can replace the logo using the “Logo” module, but after I save the BIOS file and open it again it still has the old logo. The new one isn’t saved even though after replacing it I get “Successfull” message.

Is the BIOS file locked somehow, or I am using a wrong version of the software?