[TOOL] UniversalAMDFormBrowser

Bios Flasher? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Bios Flasher?

With this tool you can Access and modify AMD PBS/AMD CBS Menu and possibly AMD Overclocking without flashing, and by just booting from a USB drive


I’m not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this Tool;


Using this tool you agree also to this rule

Think twice before committing any change

How this work

AMD PBS/AMD CBS and possibly AMD Overclocking (Aod_Setup) export their HII database regardless of the manufacturer, so if we can load these we can access these menus without problem.

This package includes two main component a Loader and the UI component, the latter one are build from a standard edk2 Package. On boot from usb the Loader will unregister the existing bios FormBrowser and will load this custom one, proving the new interface for this boot.
The interface is a bit oldish, but get the work done…
The only drawback of this method is that you need to boot from USB to accessed these menus.

How to use it

Extract in a FAT32 USB, and boot from it, it will load the custom bios UI, Now if you enter Device Manager, AMD PBS/CBS will be there, you can modify what you want, and when done, just hit esc until it ask you to save.

On AMI Bios, in addition to AMD PBS and CBS will be shown also “Setup”, this is the regular bios, the edit here might not be saved (AMD PBS/CBS, Aod Setup)

#Download Here

This is almost the same as my early version, redacted for bug, Given that I can’t edit that post anymore I made this new one.


This is pretty cool however for my laptop with an ami bios alot of the features do not work mainly the ones i tested that dont work are the memory settings like overclocking ram, and the fabric speeds. Some things in those menus did work however like disabling gear down and changing the amount of ram dedicated to my igpu. Not sure if there is anything you can do to fix whats not working but if you need any help testing just ask. Also my friend tried this on his laptop with a Insyde H2O bios and the memory and fabric settings did work. Aod setup does not show up for me while on his device it did. EDIT ram timings do work but the main clockspeed doesnt

From my current understanding aodsetup/amd overclock is shown only on HX chip.

Also cbs memory timing work only on zen2, on zen3 you need the one that are from Aodsetup.

I’m working to get AoDsetup working also on non HX chip

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Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. To note the guy i was talking about had a 5800u not a hx and the options for fabric and memory did work, but he also has a different bios maker like i said and has lpddr4 which might make a difference? im on a 4500u so i guess i should have clarified that earlier.

Oh, so Amd overclocking is show also on 5800U, that’s an amazing news (this mean that is just a software lock on some bios, and should be easier bypassed)

Can I ask what laptop you friend has?ù

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hes got an Acer Swift X, he has been running his lpddr4 at 2000mhz 1-1 with fabric ever since i showed him the tool. I have an hp envy x360 4500u.