Toshiba Satellite Pro R40-C-10W bricked BIOS

Hello everyone,

Last year i posted about the same problem but I could not fix it at that moment because I had a lack of tools, so im trying it again this year.

I have a toshiba with a bricked BIOS that i have to fix for work, with a C341a programmer I managed to recover the bios from the BIOS chip.
Bios Toshiba.rar (763.4 KB)

But i cant seem to find a full bios to reflash anywhere.
Is there anyone that can help me find the full bios or fix the corrupt bios?

Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

link to old post “Toshiba Satellite Pro R40-C-10W Stuck at Toshiba Logo

Either your dump is bad or you have a firmware with a bios region all ‘FF’…