Track and remove BIOS Lock of an Intel UEFI BIOS

After reading
[Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing
I have flashed modified BIOS (with full access) using hardware programmer.
But still I can’t flash using FPT - I’m getting error: "Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space"

As I have read here (post by @CodeRush )
How to unlock fpt write BIOS space?
BIOS lock can be disabled - how can I find that feature in BIOS image?

I would like to modify it in BIOS image next flash it using hardware programmer and next be able to use FPT.

Sample BIOS…0sVpnHCej2OohgU

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Try this method here: [GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 280 or 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash

or read this thread, its also an Acer with EFI Insyde Bios (as yours): [Request] Unlocked ACER NITRO 7- AN715-51 BIOS

Hi friend, this is an Intel Bios (NUC PC) , it’s difficult to find the locks and may be it’s into Code not IFR , you can try find the IFR Modules and extract the EFI IFR txt to start.
Here is the first 12270524-D586-42DE-A1D0-D88007EDAFA9_DpsdSetup … then you can continue , i can suggest to unpack the Bios Backup using the Andy’s Phoenix Tool
and try to find them into the DUMP folder …

@MeatWar yeap I saw that thread unfortunately I don’t see any interesting var releated to phrase “Lock” or “Write” (protection) I have checked via UEFITool and also searched in dump as @BDMaster suggested.

Only thing I see are phrases “EFI_WRITE_PROTECTED” and “Write protected” which I suppose are saved directly in code.
I have development background and I also have some experience with reverse engineering maybe I would try to find it that way - but I don’t know how to start. It is obvious for me I need to find BIOS program - but where should I start?

@BDMaster is more experienced than me in laptops, keep in touch with him and wait for his tips, he can give better directions than me on this subject.
But ur close…a little more digging and BDmaster help.

EDIT: "It can’t be easly removed / disabled right?"
Usually not…u may be out of luck, but lets w8 for his answer…


Using FIT I was able to track where anit rollback settings are saved and I changed them using HEX editor - but still can’t write.


Those settings seems to be interesting. But I can’t edit them.

Yes , i said if they are into a Setup module then you will be able to edit, if they are into the Code then it’s a pain into the a…
Then Intel has the Boot Guard and thanks God that it’s not a Dell Alienware :wink:
This is the Module i said before :…GLKCPX.rar/file

Give a look t it, i will try to find other …

@BDMaster yeap after your previous post I found it by UUID but like I wrote nothing interesting there :confused:
So Boot Guard is the reason why SPI write is restricted?
It can’t be easly removed / disabled right?

Yes true, into the Dell Alienware Firmware is involved the BGA with the FPF too and it can burn the Chhiipset fuses , bricking the pc !