UEFItool error "UEFI Volumes not found"

Hi, I’m getting that error when I try to load the bios file in the UEFItool, my mobo is a Koloe x58 (chinese “unbranded”) I used Afudos and universal bios backup toolkit 2.0 to get the rom file and both this happens, any idea what I’m doing wrong?


@Hungary137 - No link to stock BIOS from manufacturer here, or a copy of your dumped BIOS, so I can’t help until you provide one of those.
Probably, without checking BIOS, I assume the BIOS is not UEFI type BIOS, so you can’t modify it with UEFITool

What do you want modify, so I can see if I can mod it for you once you do give me a BIOS to check out?

I’m folowing a guide, trying to unlock my multiplier. (I do not know if I can post the site link of tutorial, if I can later post it) basically is a modification of some values using a HEX editor to do it. Extract some body from the rom with UEFItool and edit the value with HEX editor.

dumped BIOS:https://www.dropbox.com/s/y55pzr67w1ogs5u/BIOS.rom?dl=0

@Hungary137 - You can only unlock multiplier if CPU is an unlocked multiplier CPU, BIOS edit will not let you set higher than Intel locked into the CPU.
Yes, you can post link to what you are looking at for your desired mod, it’s OK. Can you see CPU multi now in your BIOS, you just can’t adjust it (It’s grayed out), or you can’t raise it above a certain amount? What CPU do you have?

I checked your BIOS, this is not UEFI BIOS it’s legacy type BIOS, that is why you can’t open in in UEFITool. You can only edit this BIOS with AMI BIOS tools (V3), such as MMTool, AMIBCP etc

I have a Xeon x5675, in bios says I can only up to 23 but I want to get 26 which is the boost of my Xeon (3.45mhz)
The guide that I was using: https://xeon-e5450.ru/socket-2011/mother…-mod-bios-sami/
These are the only CPU settings that I can modify in the BIOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/794ciyk2iverugg/BIOS.zip?dl=0
BIOS also has no options to configure timmings, speed and voltage of ram.

Edit 1: Added images of chipset tab
Edit 2: I can’t change anything in the bios, the stock speed is the maximum allowed 3.07Ghz (23x133 BCLK) I only can decrease the multiplier (12-23), turbo boost doesn’t work and it is enabled in the bios but not work.

25 or 26 is the highest you might be able to get on that CPU, some BIOS only allow 23 or 25 with turbo enabled, others if you disable turbo then you can set 25-26.
Also it depends on C1E, C3, and EIST enabled or not on some BIOS, playing with those enabled/disabled along with turbo enabled/disabled you can find highest it will let you set in BIOS, then you may get more under load in windows

Please make images smaller and put them in a rar or 7zip archive, then I will check and see if I can unlock some BIOS settings for you, no need for me to download a 3-5MB image just to see BIOS settings, thanks

Oh thanks I really apreciate it, do you need me to do something else or is this information enough?!
One more question, Do you have a guide explaining how to do these modifications in the BIOS?! (sorry for the inconvenient btw lol)

This is good for now, thanks for redoing the images, I’ll grab those and get back to you about this tonight. Mean time, play with those settings I mentioned, if you can, whichever ones you have to change, maybe you’ll find the good combo.

For a guide, you need to find any general AMIBCP editing guide, for now I think that’s all I’ll have to use.

Can you see “Chipset” menu in BIOS? If yes, please add image of CPU Bridge Configuration page

Hi Lost, any update about this bios? It was for me to have bought a used gigabyte, at least the settings would work lol.

Sorry for the delay again @Hungary137 but I was waiting on your reply to my question at post #8 before doing anything.

Oh sorry, I have the tab Chipset, it’s contain three options “CPU Bridge configuration” “North/South Bridge config” I put the screenshots in the zip folder in post #5
Chipset tab -> https://prnt.sc/np9x4v
CPU Bridge config -> https://prnt.sc/np9xme
Memory frequency in the CPU Bridge tab only show three options to choose, -Force 800, 1066 or 1333, no timings or voltage/clock config

Thanks for the other images. Yes, your BIOS does not offer timings or voltages for memory, even hidden.
I can make visible for you Advanced >> CPU Config (C1E Support, TM Function) Nothing else much of interest in this BIOS that you can’t see already.

C1E needs disabled, so you want that visible. And in your image you have speedtsep enabled, disable that too.

C-State Tech is disabled by default in the BIOS, and I can’t make visible for you since it’s already made visible I can however enable it so you can try C3 enabled/disabled, sometimes leaving enabled allows the higher multi too, but it depends on BIOS, so try C3-C7 enabled/disabled
You can change all this with AMIBCP 3.51, change optimal default value, save, flash, test, then change again re-test etc - this applies to the options we can’t make visible since they’re already made visible but still hidden

Here is BIOS with C1E and TM made visible, rest you can change default values and retest as I mentioned above, with included tool/image info

Thanks a lot for the help, I tested the options you mentioned, disabled C1E, SpeedStep etc. But the multi still x23, and turboboost not work too. Any ideia what I do now? Some way to implement the features contain in this P6T ASUS in my BIOS, a simple option to change the multiplier, BCLK frequency or something like that?
P6T BIOS: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…508251465330902

Edit: The multiplier reached x24, but in the stress test it’s no occur, only in random moments. the weirdest sh# ever. https://prnt.sc/nr6i7x

P6T BIOS, what does that have to do with your board? What is your board anyway, I think I asked but you never said. Unless you have some variant of P6T, then no, nothing from P6T can be done with your BIOS.
You can already change the multiplier, no, sorry there is no way to make bclk option appear in your BIOS. Time to upgrade to a better normal (Non-OEM) X58 board.

The CPU multi thing could be a bugged microcode issue, I doubt it, but we can try with updated microcode if you want?

A friend have a P6T and just out of curiosity I asked his bios and opened with amibcp, and I saw a lot of options, so I considered this possibility, btw.
“You can already change the multiplier” Yeah I know it, but I wanted to at least get the x26. Well maybe a new mobo is the best option.
About the multi is too strange the CPU using 100% and does not exceed x23, but in idle moments its reached x24.
Well update de microcode is a valid option I think.

My mobo https://prnt.sc/nrfvbm

OK, now I see why you mentioned P6T. Yes, mainstream brand boards can have a lot of options, OEM/no-name boards usually are very limited.

You can only set the highest multiplier locked to the CPU by Intel, in your case that is 23 (25 or 26 max turbo multi, early BIOS may only allow that when single core is used/under load) - http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Xeon/Intel…0614X5675).html
Sometimes, after 1366 was out for a while, all motherboards had updates that allowed setting max turbo boost multi as the main/only multiplier, your BIOS does not have this update applied to it and it’s not a setting or something modders can apply, this is something the BIOS engineer had to do way back then.

Did you ever adjust the Performance/Watt select setting directly under TurboMode Tech setting, that affects how Turbo mode is applied, always or only after certain time period then it kicks in

Here is BIOS with updated microcode for your CPU only (not latest version, but 2015). This may not help, but worth trying. I know if original was 2009-2010 then maybe better chance this could fix something, but still worth trying anyway

Hi mate, just coming here to really thank you for helping with this, after much failure in this I found a bios with the turbo working, I just flashed and it’s work but just in some core’s, the multiplier only reach x25 but is a improviment anyway.
If someone need it here the bios I used (Koloe x58 5520/ich9r) →
A dude from a russian forum asked a seller for a bios with TW working and the seller gave this BIOS.

@Hungary137 - Great you found a good BIOS, please upload for me so I can put in folder, in case someone needs later. It’s normal, not all cores can reach max turbo
I can’t download from that link, it just takes me to google results with two results (one in 2016 and one in 2018), neither of which I can download from either
I was able to get to a webpage in FF finally, but I see only one BIOS >> GBL58501 X58 BIOS.ROM and not sure that’s the one you are using? Please upload the file you have so I can compare

I uploaded here, is the same archive. "GBL58501 X58 BIOS.ROM"

Sorry to interrupt, maybe someone is willing to help me…
i’m trying to replace the boot logo by an all black one.
it’s a Supermicro X8SIL-F on bios 1.2a (latest, can be downloaded from the site here: https://www.supermicro.com/products/moth…8SIL.cfm?IPMI=Y
thanks a lot!!