UHD 600 on Windows 8.1

Hi! :wave:
I wanted to install W8.1 beacuse 10 is kinda heavy for my laptop, and well it installed successfully but there was one thing… The graphics drivers of my iGPU don’t really exist officially for W8.1 or below, so is there any help i can get?


  • Acer Aspire A114-32
  • Intel Celeron N4020
  • Intel Graphics UHD 600
  • 4gb RAM
  • 128gb eMMC

Sure, i have the driver, just reply if you still need it

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Yeah i would like to get that driver
But does it fully work?

Yes, it does, tested on a laptop with a celeron N3350 and intel HD 500, improves system animations. Download: download

Not really sure if it will work beacuse u have HD 500 and i have UHD 600 (until these drivers work for both) but its worth trying, so i will uh reply again if it will work.

I installed the UHD 600 driver that u send but it doesn’t work, like it shows a warning icon in the device manager, i have test mode enabled and driver signature enforcement disabled

Install the driver in device manager go to Action and install legacy hardware option and point it to the Inf file, select your Igpu and install that way

i mean i installed it that way already