Unable to turn on KVM in dell optiplex 7050 with ME v11.8.94.4494

This issue has stumped me for the last few days. I’ve succesfully enabled ME on a dell optiplex 7050 with bios 1.27 and ME v11.8.94.4494. Everything works including KVM. ( I documented the process here: [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization - #476 by robindev)

But now I tried the process with a second dell optiplex (I have 5 in total). I first updated the bios from v 1.11 to 1.27, which in turn updated ME from version 11.8.60 to After that, I set my device in service mode with a jumper, dumped the flash, enabled the ME, cleaned the firmware, rebuild the image, checked the output with ME Analyzer and UEFITool for integrity, and re-flashed it. performed a greset, and removed the jumper. Everything looks the same as with the first board, but I can only access remote serial. The KVM option does not display.

MEInfo seems to display a non-corrupt ME filesystem, and all else is working fine. Only HWiNFO64->motherboard->intel ME seems to tell me “KVM remote control” “not capable”. Which seems to confirm no KVM. But all hardware parts(Q270 chipset, 6500T proc) are identical to the functional one.

I’ve also did a diff of config.xml, to see any differences, but besides a different file-path, it all seemed ok to me.

I’m happy to attach any other flash image files or output of any other diagnose tool.

Here are my working, and non-working flash images, as I’ve uploaded them to the machines
images.rar - Google Drive (sorry, am not allowed to upload my files directly yet)

Does anyone know why KVM is disabled on 1 board, but functional on the other? And more importantly, how to enable KVM?

All parts have to be vpro capable, chipset, cpu and NIC (wired and wireless).

If all is identical- are you sure that you flashed correctly?

(Link no longer active, files deleted?)

Thank you for responding. Sorry for the non-functional link. I’ve changed it to a public google-drive link that should work. (images.rar - Google Drive)

The thing is that vpro itself seems to work. only the KVM feature is absent. I see with the one where KVM is working, that the settings in the bios(the MEBx menu) allow me to enable/disable it. On the one that does not, it only lists SOL and storage in the same MEBx menu.

I actually found today an old post you (lfb6) wrote, where you show a screenshot of an older FIT version(9.1), that displays the KVM feature enable/disable items here Optiplex 9020 and AMT/ME - #20 by lfb6 But in the v11 r46 version of FIT, I cannot find it in the GUI, or in the config.xml(Ive searched for KVM). Am I looking wrong? The older FIT version does not load the new binary. So I dont know how to enable this specific feature

i5-6400T doesn’t support vpro

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Thank you, now I see the processors are different. Sorry for missing this. I have been delivered the wrong processor, as they were ordered as 6500T. too bad, but thanks for the help!