Unlock Acer Aspire 3 A315-58 BIOS advanced menu

I wanna request for my Acer Aspire 3 A315-58 bios’ advanced menu to be unlocked, the embedded controller keeps controlling my power limits and I want to set it so that not only I could change the power limits, but also to be able to undervolt if the hidden advanced menu shows so.
i3 1115g4
Intel UHD for 11th Gen
12GB Ram
Insyde H20 Bios Version 1.28, Rev. 5.0

Download link of BIOS:


  • Acer BIOS is said to be write-protected according to related BIOSes from the bios-mod forums.
  • I also happen to read a thread from MyDigitalLife about this laptop (https//forums,mydigitallife,net/threads/acer-aspire-3-a315-58.83703) as well as the methods in unlocking it, but there weren’t any updates or results about it since 2021. I have also read a topic here that involved a similar method from the aforementioned thread ([Request] Biosmod Legion 5 15IMH05 - Unlock Advanced Features) and if possible, maybe it could work on mine.
  • I’m aware of the backup part in the second thread and how it works but I still ask to be guided if possible to avoid issues because I am only 17 and I can’t just buy another laptop directly.
    Thank you in advance.

@Sweet_Kitten could you have a look if you have the time?