Update Intel ME sections in a bios file

Thanks to the wonderful guides and tools on Winraid forum, I’ve been able to successfully update ME firmware and drivers in my system. What I couldn’t learn is how to update the ME portion of a bios image file. Practically speaking, my Z87-based system (see signature) has the latest available ME (v9.0.31.1487 - 1.5MB), but the bios image I usually modify with UBU is stuck at - 1.5MB… and MEA tells me it’s not the latest (of course). Is there anybody who can lead me in the process?

@ZioGTS :
The UBU tool cannot look into the BIOS chip of your mainboard. The included ME Analyzer just analyzes the Intel ME Firmware version, which is within the BIOS file you had put into the UBU folder.
So everything is fine with your system. You even have the latest Intel ME Firmware flashed into the BOS chip of your minboard, whereas the manufacturer of your mainboard still offers BIOSes, which contain an older Intel ME version.
Don’t worry, that your currently used Intel MEI Firmware will be downgraded by flashing any BIOS file, which contains an older Firmware version.

Thank you Fernando, I know that MEA looks at the bios file you load into it, and not at what’s currently flashed in your BIOS chip. I was wondering whether there’s any way to update the ME version directly into a file. Do you know if that can be done?

No, provided that you mean, whether it is possible to flash a certain Intel ME Firmware into the BIOS file, which is delivered by the mainboard manufacturer.
What is the reason why you want to do it? All users of an Intel chipset mainboard are able to flash the latest appropriate Intel ME Firmware into the BIOS chip of their system by using the related Intel ME Firmware Update tool (look >here<). So there is no need to wait for an offered BIOS version, which natively does contain it.

Sure, that’s what I’ve done too… :slight_smile:
I’m just wondering if it is possible to update the ME in the bios file, just out of curiosity.

AFAIK there is no tool available, which is able to do such kind of Firmware update.
The only possibility I see is to open the complete BIOS file with an Hex Editor and to replace the ME Region part by another one (without changing the BIOS size), but the risks to get a bricked mainboard after having flashed such BIOS is very high.

Yes, of course. You can use Flash Image Tool from the ME System Tools packages. It has an option to save and transfer settings. The fast (and safe) way it to follow this guide.