Update recommendations


We are in the process of updating some of our systems. I also want to update the Intel drivers. Before I start I would like to know what’s the best update procedure.

Currently i am running:
- a raid1 array of 2 disks
- a raid5 array of 3 disks
All of this is on a ICH10 capable motherboard (sorry don’t know exact chipset).
Windows 7 64bit.

Running version of the RST drivers and software. Disk write cache is Enabled.

I would like to update to version 12.8 including software.

-Can i just download Intel RST(e) AHCI/RAID Drivers & Software Set v12.8.6.1000 WHQL and install them on top of the current version?
-Or should I remove something first?
-Any other special recommendations?

I don’t know much about these drivers. What i can read in your sticky post is that there are some structural changes in the latest version. That’s why I better want to be safe than sorry.

Thanks for assisting!

@ Solar:
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You can install any Intel RAID driver version on top of another one, but if you have additionally installed the Intel RST Console and Services software by running the installer of an Intel RST package, you should uninstall the RST software from within the control panel, before you install any other Intel RST package. Don’t worry about booting into your RAID system. The OS will keep the needed RAID driver.

For an Intel ICH10R RAID system I do not really recommend to install any of the latest Intel RST(e) drivers v12.x.x.xxxx, because this driver development branch has not been designed by Intel for Intel 4-Series chipsets. According to my experience the Intel RST driver v11.2.0.1006 are the best for RAID systems like yours. So if I were you, I would prefer to install the Intel RST Drivers & Software Set v11.2.0.1006 WHQL. Nevertheless you can test the Intel RST(e) Drivers & Software Set v12.8.6.1000 WHQL and compare the results with those you got with the “conventional” Intel RST driver v11.2.0.1006.
Note: If you should not be satisfied with the Intel RST(e) drivers v12.8.6.1000, which use an additional SCSI filter driver, and want to “downgrade” again to an Intel RST driver v11.x.xxxx, which works without an SCSI filter, please read the chapter “Switching from Intel RST to RST(e) drivers and vice versa” (>LINK<) very carefully, before you do it.


Thank you Fernando,

I found out the Motherboard is a Asus P6X58-E-WS and the other machine is a Asus P6T WS PRO
Both X58 Chipset.

I trust your professional opinion about the different driver versions. So I will go for the v.11.2 version.

Is this correct?
-Uninstall Intel RST Technology from Configuration>Programs and Features.
-Run setup.exe from your v11.2 package. (or should i upgrade the driver with hardware manager? and do seperate software install?)


That is correct and all what you should do. You can take the original package named “Intel RST Drivers & Software Set v11.2.0.1006 WHQL”.
Once the Drivers & Software Set has been completely installed (a reboot will be required), I recommend to run the Intel RST Console and to enable the Write-Back Caching feature (look >here<).