updating UEFI BIOS of H170 chipset with new intel rapid storage 16 (or 17) EFI driver / Option ROM on H170 chipset

Anyone succeeded in modding the UEFI BIOS of an intel H170 chipset with the Intel Rapid Storage EFI driver and/Option ROM driver of version 16.x or the new 17.x ? I want to update the UEFI BIOS (INTEL RST RAID part) of my asus H170-PRO motherboard with the Intel Rapid Storage ROM / EFI driver version 16 or preferably the new 17 version but am not sure it will work . Currently I have version 15.2 installed (both software and in UEFI BIOS) . Thanks in advance

Why do you want to update the Intel RAID BIOS modules at all?
According to my own tests with an Intel Z170 system the Intel RST v13 and v15 platforms are the much better choice for RAID systems with a SkyLake CPU.
Which sort of RAID configuration are you using?

Because normally the higher the version , the more possiblities and normally more stability and performance.
Rebuilding and error checking is very slow . Maybe it could improve this ?
My configuration is :

- booting with an SSD and windows
- 2 RAID 1 arrays of all 3 TB drives. (4 drives of 3 TB in total)

This is only valid for Intel RST versions, which belong to the same development branch (e.g. v13.2 or v15.5). Each start of a new development branch or a new platform (e.g. v13 or v15) introduces the support of new features and automaticly begins with new bugs, which have to be fixed by later released Builds (last 4 digits of the version number).
To find out the best possible Intel RST RAID ROM/EFI module for your specific system, you should consider the following facts:

  1. The newest v16 and v17 platform Intel RST drivers and BIOS modules have been primarily designed by Intel for their latest Intel chipsets (from 300-Series up) and contain features, which are not supported at all by the much older 100-Series Chipsets.
    As you can see >here<, I got far better results with the v13 and v15 platform RAID drivers and RAID ROM/EFI modules than with the newest ones.
  2. It is the RAID storage driver and not the related BIOS module, which is mainly responsable for the stability and performance of an Intel RAID system. The version of the Intel RAID BIOS modules has an effect onto the booting process, but only a very limited effect on the performance of the HDDs/SSDs, which are running in RAID mode.

My Gigabyte Z170 motherboard is working with v16.5.0.3487 EFI & OROM with 4 Intel SSD’s in RAID0 with IRST driver v16.7.7.1023 WHQL.

It should also work with H170.

As v16.5.0.3487 is almost impossible to find I have supplied both modules below;

intel_efi_&_orom_v16.5.0.3487.rar (156 KB)

The latest (and probably best working) Intel RAID ROM/EFI modules of the RST v16.5 branch are the v16.5.0.53439 ones and available >here<.

[Edit] List updated with more testing on a Gigabyte Z170

To save you some time, these EFI & OROM modules have been tested by myself (Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3 DDR3);

Working OROM & EFI matching modules;

Non-working OROM & EFI matching modules;

I had one anomaly with where the OROM was fine but the EFI module caused failure to POST.

The start post of >this< thread contains 2 working links (MEGA and OneDrive) to the Intel RST EFI RAID module v16.5.0.53439. Where did you seek for the link?

[Edit] I can see it under 300 series, my mistake.

That are the chipsets they were designed for.


For some reason I kept thinking of v15.5.0.32794 and looking under 100 series :).