Usb 3.0 drivers for windows 7 x64

Hi, I need usb 3.0 drivers for windows 7 in order to get it installed, i have 5 usb 2 ports, but for some reason they won’t work after i install windows 7, can someone help me please?

USB 2.0 should work on windows 7 without any additional drivers. From what I can remember my USB 2.0 mouse works during windows 7 install before the chipset drivers get installed.
You would need to install the chipset drivers before you can install the USB 3.0 drivers.

Do the USB 2.0 ports work at any time such as very early during install?

It might be worth slipstreaming the chipset and USB 3.0 drivers into your windows 7 install source such as USB flash or DVD but I think that you need to work out why the USB 2.0 ports are not working and try and solve that.

USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)
[Solution] Win7 drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new Intel chipset systems
you may need to integrate those drivers into win7 image
also you should give out more information about your setup,like product name,motherboard model,device id etc
and always update your OS fully,including optionals