Which Driver Is Fastest For X58 ICH10R AHCI HDD Windows 10




currently I got installed and running this one: (Modded+signed Intel RST drivers v11.2.0.1006). From the first page of modded Intel AHCI storage drivers.
Is there a faster driver that is somewhat as easy to install instead. The newer ones are better ?
These are my Mainboard informations: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/X58_ProE/Specification. It supports only Sata 2.0 but i bought a pci-e to sata 3.0 card that will get here soon if that does anything. .
-Windows 10 Home 64.
-8 Gb ram single channel 1600 Mhz.
-Xeon X5650 @3.2 Ghz
-radeon rx 560 2gb
-Western Digital 10ezex

I really want to play the new call of duty. There is some problem that the game will decrease fps after each round but I dont think it’s my thermals. I have a big cpu cooler. A cooler on the south bridge and monitored temps. Iho temps are 75 degrees celsius.

(I think it got better after installing the first one but i have to do more testing today on last day of beta. sadly i have no reference speeds from before).

Performance of the Intel RST/RSTe AHCI/RAID Drivers
Which are the “best” Intel AHCI/RAID drivers?

BIOS option rom for this also matters. None of this matters, at all, if you are not using RAID

None of this matters if I use OS in Ahci mode ?
About my srive speeds … isn’t there something very wrong with them ?


Did you purchase that X58 when new or second hand?

If you’re just holding onto it because you paid a lot for it and want to squeeze everything out of it until it fails then here’s what I would do.

If you want increased performance get at least another 8GB RAM stick.

Minimum 16GB for the OS. I would actually recommend you use 32GB of RAM as even Vista Ultimate 64-Bit ran super smooth on a quad core Ivy Bridge on this amount.

If money is no object and you don’t want to upgrade to a new motherboard you might be able to squeeze the total ram to 48GB.

Which Call of Duty is it? How big is the program fully installed?

If 16GB ECC Registered Server memory exists and works in your X58 you could push it to 96GB.

Then set aside 80GB as a Ramdrive.

Install the game onto the Ramdrive and run it.

It’ll load much faster bypassing the hard drive and if there any lags then it will be due to either the GPU or CPU bottleneck.

@xplives i know i REALLY need another ram stick. The game is 40 gb. It was the open beta for Call Duty Modern Warfare (new game). After Changing any Graphic setting even lowering resolution = constant fps drop.
Playing more than 2 games = constant fps drop.

Correct. And I don’t know what this means >> srive

Your speeds look normal for a HDD. What motherboard do you have? Be sure you have the HDD on the first or second Intel port

You need SSD and more memory, or a more modern motherboard (X58 and it’s CPU’s are over 10+ years old)

If you want the RAID rom in BIOS and RAID drivers to matter, you can switch to single disk RAID Mode.
Before you do that, you’ll need to make the follow registry changes, then reboot to BIOS and set to RAID, then in windows load Intel RST Driver from your motherboard download page or whatever is suggested as better performing one from here on this site’s performance threads.

Make switch between all IDE/AHCI/RAID modes by changing the "Start" Values in these registry keys to 0


srive speeds what have i done. I found and installed the recommended driver for x58 boards ICH10 and it is kinda faster now unless i imagine things. It’s this one v11.7.4.1001. Performance was only really bad like this in Call Of Duty and it was an open beta so maybe they will fix that. Defenitely getting a ssd. Until then this works i think. I would want to use raid but before i buy 2x ssd i first need ram like 2 more sticks as recommended

buy 2 RAM sticks identical to the one you have as your system runs better in triple channel.
24 GB RAM also means the HDD will be used a lot less.


40GB for the full installation okay then it might be possible on your X58 to push it to the max.

I would max out all 6 memory slots with 8GB sticks. So you’ll need 5 more which will add another 40GB of RAM.

Then create a 40GB Ramdrive for the entire COD MW installation which will give your OS 8GB of wiggle room. I usually use Z: for my Ramdrive letter.

A better upgrade is if 16GB ECC Registered Server RAM stick if it does work in your MB I’d get that instead and get 3 sticks for 48GB (16GB x3) + 8GB original = 56GB. I’d buy one 16GB stick at a time to make sure it works and detects the full 16GB then buy more of the same type and don’t mix brands / speeds.

If the installation program let’s you select the destination path and directory call it.
Z:\CODMW<br />
After it is installed fully you should copy the entire Z:\CODMW\ to your hard drive as a backup.

Every time you reboot the system you will have to remember to recopy the entire CODMW folder back from the hard drive to the Ramdrive.

Any Saved Games Files will need to be copied to the hard drive for storage so you don’t lose your place.

If it’s multiplayer and online this might be useful for remembering your login profile details.

This beats any SSD out there because nothing is faster than your RAM not even NVMe can touch it.

If you will be holding onto that X58 as long as possible wait for 2021 or when Sapphire Rapids 7nm is released with DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. Then buy a new computer and you’ll be drooling with 256GB of RAM and run the latest COD in pure RAM without any lag.

If you do notice any slowdowns or hiccups check the Task Manager to see if your CPU% on each core is at 100% or near max then you need to upgrade the CPU. If all your 6 Cores / 12 Threads are comfortably peaking in the 85% or less usage then it’s your GPU that needs to be replaced. Since you’re using Windows 10 any graphics card such as GTX 1160Ti or higher would probably be better than what you are using now and you can still keep using the same motherboard and CPU.

If you’re on a tight budget I’d say get at least 8GB of extra ram or 16GB more recommended for at least 24GB total RAM and that should fix any OS causing the lag and buy a GTX 1660Ti or higher model within your budget for any potential graphics card bottleneck. Don’t waste money on any SSD or another hard drive as these wouldn’t help your problem.

I like how you think but it’s not possible for me rightnow to do this until next month. Generally ram drives are pretty interesting especially for my old mobo. i really dont have any big unfixable problems even with this chipset it’s so old 10 years. i can get high fps in any game but when it comes to these shader loading in new games my cheap drive just gives up. thanks for your advices i just need to invest a bit more in this system.

Get 128GB or 240-256GB SSD, you can find cheap now, usually $65-100
If you do end up getting more memory make sure it’s the exact same model, otherwise it will be a pain mixing higher amounts of memory on X58 (NB is already too hot )
If not exact model at least try to get same size, speed, and timings. Then you’ll have a better chance of mixed memory compatibility.

check which ram module you have (CPU-Z could help you there, post the findings here if you like) and look on ebay for a cheap deal.
you should get 16GB for less than 30 euros.