winbond 25q256jvfq 16pin

I just picked up a cheap Dell Optiplex 7080 from an electronics recycler and got a good deal on it because the bios is locked with an unknown admin password. So after digging around i found this site and realized i needed a CH341A programmer with a clip which i ordered ordered and have here with me. I got a 16 pin clip as well and i’ve tried numerous ways of connecting it, taking note of the dot on the chip and pin 1 location on the programmer and using AsProgrammer all I am able to get are FFs. I tried manually specifying the winbond chip even though there isnt an EXACT match. Can someone please help me figure out how to dump this bios ?

So now you know what to do right, next time check it first before purchase.

But wait yes… just flash half spi…

Get real will u…

EDIT: Yeah, if the first doesn’t work, flash the 2nd half then the 1rst half

Oh you mean I can just do half spi first and do other half next ? :joy:

Ok the 16 pin clip arrived and I updated my original post if anyone can offer assistance. I will gladly make a donation to whomever is able to help get this going.

here is a picture of my programmer + clip and also the bios chip…2021%20Plus.pdf

here is the datasheet for the winbond chip, it doesnt seem like half of these pins are even used, am i going to have to manually wire it up to the programmer and rearrange the pins on the SOIC clip ?

Backup the current SPI data from it and start learning.

[Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM
[GUIDE] The Beginners Guide to Using a CH341A SPI Programmer/Flasher (With Pictures!)

EDIT: Sry… that too much time taken on my side no can be, ull have to research for similar Dell models and same operation and search a Service Manual of the motherboard for schematics… people must understand
this is not an easy task as its needs time and resources for each model of motherboard, the easy part of all this is the Chinese that sells the SPI.
You’ll need the correct software, a good clamp connection on the SPI and identify the SPI pin assignments by the motherboard schematic design, setting the flasher according.
Also check on the service manual jumpers and its functions/states.
Good luck.

EDIT: Yes and No… depends on skills
Useful link: Dell 7080 MFF Enable Intel AMT

I’ve tried following those and a few other guides and I cannot seem to get it to detect the chip properly, the datasheet seems to have an unusual pinout for the winbond chip because it has 16 pins which is making things a bit more confusing… i can manually rewire it but i dont exactly understand which ones i do and dont need to connect to the programmer and where they go exactly, could you give some pointers on connecting it properly so i can get it to detect ? i think i can handle the software side of things if i get the hardware part knocked out

Would it be easier to buy a new SPI and replace the one on the board and flash a bios for this specific motherboard to it ?