Windows 7 on (ASUS) B560, possible?


I am trying to get Windows 7 PRO x64 to run on the new B560 Intel chipset. I have an PRIME-B560M-A motherboard but the OS always crashes (resets) at the spinning logo.

I attempted a new install using the instructions from videohelp forum (threads 384921-Windows-7-Image-Updater-SkyLake-KabyLake-CoffeLake-Ryzen-Threadripper), and the installation went through (apparently without issues), but when I try to boot (even in safe mode, it crashes and resets constantly.

Note: I had to flashed the BIOS to the version released a couple weeks ago to even be able to install Windows 10 (which runs) on a separate drive. (Ubuntu 16.04 works without issues; only needed manual network driver install)

So I don’t think the hardware is defective, but I suspect something in this B560 chipset does not work with Windows 7.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to run Windows 7 on the new B560 motherboards?

Maybe you are missing some drivers about hardisk or meet A5 BSOD.


I don’t know how you madmen keep pulling it off, but i’m thankful for it.

Instead of using that tool, maybe you can try to use the Simplix AiO tool. And from where did you get the drivers ? I think there’s a driver bundle from this post, get those infs and integrate them into the ISO, also that Simplix / update7r2 has the universal USB 3.0 xHCI drivers too. Give it a shot.

I joined the forum very late, idk why canonkong deleted his drivers from Intel thread, so that’s the only driver pack that I know of which has a working setup on Intel Z490 platform.

All Intel 500 series chipsets have that issue or some ASUS 500 series chipsets?

All intel 500 boards can install win7 use correct way,except for OEM platforms because of the Bios. I recommend to use PE system with WinNTsetup or DSIM++,it can make to install a system easily.

hello, i have made a win 7 iso for my z590 asus maximus XIII hero and 11900K and it work perfectly.

just injected x64 xhci driver with nlite and it work.

Hi Guys, thanks for all the replies. I don’t know why I didn’t get the notifications, but that’s why I’m responding so late.

Unfortunately, it is not very clear to me what the solution is. I did put these drivers in the bundle: hxxps://…VCT3k9Uuo0-fX9U
Should I try with this ISO: hxxps://…3N4zAci-OvfRSdQ ?

I am not sure what “use PE system with WinNTsetup or DSIM++” means. Is there a thread that I can read on that?

Lastly, if I already have the “almost working” Windows install, is it possible to copy the driver files somewhere so Windows will use them up on the next boot? (I can dual boot in Linux to copy the files).

Thanks in advance!

I just checked that I actually had the x64 xhci driver in the custom ISO I made. I did boot on a different machine and re-installed that driver. This causes all USB ports to stop working and even when booting on the Asus B560 MB, it would enter an endless reboot loop. I managed to remove the driver by RDP-in to the machine that was booting.

@vertx , how did you make the Win7 ISO? What instructions did you follow? And where did you get the x64 xhci driver from?

저 또한 ASUS PRIME B560M-A + i5-11Gen CPU에 윈도우7 설치를 성공할 수 있는 ISO파일을 생성했으며, 100여 대의 컴퓨터에 설치성공하였습니다.

can you please send a driver link x64 xhci i have z590 apex and 11900k and want to install the win7

What do you mean "use PE system with WinNTsetup or DSIM++"? Can you explain?

Something like Bob.Omb’s Win10PEx64, it has WinNTSetup built in. Or you can do the same with DISM++ even though it’s bugged right now, as in the English language seems broken.

What am I supposed to do with Bob.Omb’s Win10PEx64 and WinNTsetup?

Deploying install.wim from it.

try oprekin()com me using same mobo as u videos youtube/indicator27

Hello, can you please reupload the last build of these drivers? I got an error on mega, decrypt key not valid. Thank you.

So such modded drivers are enought to install win7 in a new 500 serie mobo? Want to buy a B560 + 11400F.

But for Intel Me, Intel Inf chipset, where i can find the drivers for such devices on win7? Thanks.

I gave up on trying to get Windows 7 on the ASUS B560 mobo. The replies I received were not helpful enough to point me in the right direction.

I wouldn’t keep my hopes up for Windows 7 with B560 + 11400F if I were you. Go Windows 10, Linux, or an AMD combo.

Dear @canonkong , I am still looking for Win7 USB Drivers for a Gigabyte B560M DS3H Mainboard. I have searched a lot and installed a lot of different drivers, but nothing works. I saw above, that you got it working. Could you give me a hint, where to find such drivers? Thank you so much, 祝你中秋节快乐! Christoph

Use UpdatePack7R2, it can make the install image have usb and nvme driver. The chips driver can use win10 driver as they are only inf fake drivers.