Windows Vista on modern PC (i9-9900KF MSI Z390 Gaming Edge)

I had succeed with installing Windows XP on my new PC thanks to that forum and Fernando. When I try to install Windows Vista on same PC (i9-9900KF MSI z390 gaming edge ac), I have the same issue (that was on XP install) its a 0x000000A5 error. On Windows XP i can skip that error pressing F7 during installiation, but on Windows Vista i cant skip it. Fernando helped me and said that I need to replace the in-box MS driver named acpi.sys and the associated acpi.inf file by a newer version. How can I replace them? Can I use acpi.sys and acpi.inf from Windows 7 (because Windows 7 is starting well on my PC)? What program I need to unzip that files from ISO? And what program I need to replace them into Windows Vista ISO? I know only program called vLite. Thank you!

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How to install Vista SP2 x64 on Ryzen without sometimes BSOD? Vista installing successfully, but it is different BSOD often. Probably, this is ACPI. Do you have acpi.sys for Vista for Ryzen? System working properly for exception periodically BSOD which doing using system impossible. Sorry for my bad English.


Sorry, I have not installed Vista x64 on Ryzen - win7 x64 works though.

Oh… I interesting. At the way, do you know why GTA IV on Ryzen On Windows 7 lagging? All games working properly, but not GTA IV. Graphics card is GTX 960. Equipment don’t crashed.

At the way, GTA IV equally lagging on Win7 and Win8.1!!! GTA V is not lagging. But GTA IV is little lagging on WinXP and Win10. I tell about Steam version.


That might be the same hal timer issue that XP has, I think diderius6 knows how to patch it properly.

If it is lagging on win8.1/10 then it is not a hal timer issue and it is something else, i’m not sure what it is.

by swapping files from server 2003 (stor,achi,apic etc)
For example, fernando was using ACPI One Core
I am guessing he is no longer providing it
(Side note:Windows 2003 Server tweaked as desktop OS was faster, more reliable and stable than Windows XP)
like these ones;
One Core Api (by Skulltrail192)
StorAhci for Windows 2003 Server
or daniel_k’s
CabMaker 1.2 (this was needed)
you should ask these questions in XP on modern hardware topics (32&64bits) or Integration of Intels AHCI/RAID drivers into a Windows XP/W2k3/W2k CD

Very well!!! I don’t think about intelppm.sys!!! You are genius!!! I correctly writing?

Causes is intelppm.sys? Vista doesn’t lagging because this is random? Vista and XP haven’t lagging GTA IV causes random? Because how I change file intelppm.sys on XP lagging in NFS Undercover is disappeared!!!

What is file using on Vista? Vista using Server 2003?! Server 2003 is not equal Windows XP? Server 2008 is not equal Vista?

And why Vista get random periodically BSOD on Ryzen? Causes is ACPI? But Vista installing and gaming successfully.

You need to write system specs for an motherboard,graphic card,OS.
Even using latest bios could make a difference

AMD Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 960, B350M-K, experiment with Windows 7 and Vista. BIOS update several month ago. Forgot number. Need watching after restarting.

Thank you. But how i integrate thoose drivers into Windowsa Vista ISO? I need to use specific program?

I dont know for sure what people are using now.imagex to mount and pkgmgr to inject if its still the case.
like i said you should ask these in dedicated topics.

Windows Server 2008 RTM is Vista SP1 (NT 6.0.6001)

SP2 update both Vista & Server 2008 to 6.0.6002

but Server 2008 R2 is based on Windows 7

Try to install Windows Server 2008 on Ryzen. And yes, I know, that the latest reply is sended 3 months ago. And yes, I have the same problem as you with Vista. P.S. Sorry for my bad English

@crackstore Here is the ACPI patch for Windows Vista:…&comment=137330

You can actually install x64 versions of Vista SP1 and SP2 on UEFI (with CSM of course)

Also note that Vista x64 have issues with Haswell and later:…-documentation/

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@ruslanshchur Thanks for reply. I need hex editor to edit acpi.sys and replaced it on installed Windows Vista, did I understand correctly? If yes, where I can find file that he mentioned (acpi.sys 6.0.6002.24312 (vistasp2_ldr_escrow.180308-1636)

From Windows Vista ISO file? But which version of Windows Vista? I can’t find “ 180308-1636 version” via internet. Thank you