Winfast/Foxconn BIOS & Drivers Non Existent

Ok what the hell happened to all the foxconn/winfast motherboard drivers, i’m trying to find a BIOS for my Winfast K8S755A 6EKRS REV:1.3 motherboard. this is a damn good socket 754 motherboard, probably the best one of the lot but damn,

Cant find a working winfast or foxconn site anywhere.

@POE_UK - I found this for you, I think maybe it’s correct one. On their site they have 755A01-6EKRS aka K8S755A 6EKRS and aka another name too (I didn’t copy, sorry)


Mate you are an absolute legend, the cheque is in the post!

I know a few years back there was a huge problem with foxconn and their working conditions, probably damaged the company, although foxconn build the iphone lol

Thank you my friend, if you find any other info about this amazing motherboard please let me know here, happy new year!

You’re welcome!! So, I take it that was correct one, right?

I did find manual while I was looking around in google, but I didn’t download it. If you want, I can find it again in my history I’m sure?

Yes, I’m not sure why their site is down, I think they still do make boards and phones too as you mentioned.

Ive got the manual thanks, but yea just wondering iff there was a specific set of chipset drivers for its SiS 755 chipset, foxconn make something like 75% of the computer industry’s I/O solutions, including phone/tablet and satvav

btw how did you search that download site for this bios?

Hmm, I may have seen chipset drivers, but not sure, many of the pages I looked at where in Chinese.
I used Wayback machine site to first see the board names, in the “choose board” menu - here -…motherboard.cfm
But, I found the BIOS in google, here -

I see two SiS drivers here, but both say VGA (not sure why there would be two, so maybe one is not labelled correctly)?…n/k8s755a-6ekrs

Yea very cool! as im mainly looking for windows 98se drivers it could well be that these drivers are for 98 and xp. i used to really like SiS chipsets they always worked well and fast for me, im pretty sure the SiS 755 chipset has native support for windows 95 2.5 too. I cant use any 754 VIA based chipset motherboard with my AGP 6800GT, they are not compatible with eachother, the agp version of the 6 series cards are fully compatible with SiS, Nforce3 and cirrus logic. And as you may already know the 6600gt is the fastest card supported on win98, my goal is to install 98se on one ssd and Xp on the other with a Hybrid SSHD for storage, ive got to say as well, Patriot Burst SSD’s are really great preformers and are dirt cheap £15 for 120GB and £29 for 240GB, as its 98 i will be using mostly i just bought 2x120gb drives.

Also the KT800 chipset from via has its pci and agp unlocked meaning you wont be able to overclock very far at all even if you did manage to get it working. socket 754 on a SiS board is a brilliant platform for 95 98 and xp, it does the lot!

Maybe @gloobox would also know where to find you some drivers for older system like this, or maybe @Sylar76 or @XPLives too

Win98SE on SSD Yes, I noticed a few months back ALL SSD are dirt cheap now, since NVME so popular. I paid $130 I think for my last 256GB one, then when I looked at price a few months ago $34
Ohh well, nothing we can do, memory is always same too. At least NVME are also very cheap right now too (some anyway)

Does this award bios editor have to work on windows XP m8? just tried on 10 and shows the bios as "unknown" in the left hand side.

I always run it in XP, since I do cbrom edits there too (in VMWare), but I just checked in Win10 and it works fine there too for me.


Maybe it’s the version of Award BIOS editor you have? Here is last one -

Sir this is very strange and this is the result im getting:


Maybe it’s the version of Award BIOS editor you have? Here is last one -[/quote]

Thats sorted it for me, thank you so much.

Thing is mate a Sata SSD will boot windows faster than an NVME believe it or not.

Sorry,I just had stocked some AMI UEFI bioses esp DELL LENOVO HP.
And I found some of these mobos were too expansive to repaired.There were all in High-Price machines which couldn’t be replaced the latest platform.

NVME Boots much faster for me, it may depend on the system you install it in and it’s BIOS etc.

Got a really strange problem here with AGP thats only happening with windows 98/ME on my 6800GT

No matter what i do i cannot get the OS to recognize AGP 8X Mode, it works perfect in XP

GPU is set to 8x in the bios, fastwrites are set to on in bios yet the os is running in 2X mode? this ones got me baffled, as i say in XP its running perfect at 8X, 3d mark 01 proves this from 13,500points to 30,000 points in XP

All the drivers for the chipset are installed can’t understand this at all.




Right, the flash went wrong and i dont have a floppy drive to recover from the boot-block of the award/phoenix bios


Sorry to hear. Time to get a flash programmer What does the BIOS chip look like on this board?

Yea its soldered to the board, however the boot block still shows up at boot and it searches for a floppy drive, i made a copy of the original BIOS before i flashed so i should be able to reprogram with it somehow?

heres a large clear image i just took of the chip itself: shame because its a brand new old stock board, Winfast K8S755A 6EKRS Revision 1.3

Here is the original BIOS that was on the board: BIOS File


That’s too bad it’s not in a socket! You would have to remove that chip from board to re-program, or solder back in a socket, then reprogram the chip and put back into the new socket

Nano USB programmer on ebay is the only one I know of that works with these kind of chips (PLCCC32) now, I think it’s $17 shipped but I’d have to check I haven’t looked in a while.
Yes, still $17.99 shipped for cheapest model (ie programmer only, that’s all you need)

Yes, BIOS above looks OK, it’s older than one I linked you to, but same BIOS ID