Xeon E3 V5 on MSI Z170-A PC MATE

I’m trying to boot Xeon E3 V5 on MSI Z170-A PC MATE.
My board is untypical (it arrived with modded BIOS from seller for non K OC).
I have CH 341A programmer :wink:
Does option Local FWUpdate marked as enabled allows to flash the ME region?
Is it possible to run Xeon on this motherboard?
Which variable from the attachment means ME version?


No, that would be “Host Read/Write Access to ME”.

I don’t know.

Obviously “FW Version”.

That’s option ME Write/Read is Enabled in my screen.

Should I take ME region BIOS from motherboard MSI Xeon compatible?

for example:

I extracted ME region from newest BIOS (AG0) from MSI Z170A by UEFITool (version is and from B250 with the same version.

What should be done next?

No it’s not related to CSME configuration. Maybe someone else can help you with the rest.

You need to do all the mods mentioned in this compiled guide, exactly as shown, and when transferring settings to the new clean ME change chipset to Z370
[GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards

You likely also need to patch PCIE when you are done with all the other changes
Fixing PCI-Express for Coffee Lake CPUs on Sky/Kaby Lake non-Asrock(and some new Asrock) motherboards

I am not sure why Chipset change and PCIE Patch are not part of the main guide already? @elisw

But i want to run Xeon E3-1240 v5 (Skylake without integrated graphics).
I suppose i must use ME from MSI board which supports Xeon
This is board that supports that CPU:

Do I think right?

I found that thread:
Trying to boot a Xeon E3 1270v5 on Asrock z170a-x1/3.1 (Help) (2)

But there was no instructions about patching ME…

That second thread you linked talks in depth, all over, about different ME versions and which are required.
That thread also goes deeply into testing different ME versions installed into BIOS, but with ME functionality disabled (Which I think is required for what you want to do, please re-read that entire thread)

I believe was the last one he tried that was working. Sorry about my first reply, I misunderstood what you were trying to do here!

You must use an ME that is clean, from the ME repository here, and clean it and transfer settings from your current BIOS.ME to the new one.
First you must decide which ME version you need, not which board/BIOS to extract ME from, don’t do that. I suggest starting with the version I mentioned above

Here is ME repository, where you get whatever ME files
Intel Engine: Firmware Repositories

And here is guide on how to clean, transfer settings and put that new clean ME into your board BIOS
[Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

Intel System tools you also need, download version closest match to your current and target ME
Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools

So, you need to download Intel System Tools, so you can get Flash Image Tool (FIT), and then follow guide using your BIOS, and a clean ME image from the ME Repository thread.
During the ME settings transfer, also set that ME bit to disable ME mentioned in the thread you linked above, that and ME version was key for the Xeon booting

If you want, I can do the mod for you when I have time, but it may take a few days

BIOS dump through the Flash Programming Tool (fpt -d for Windows 64), dumped the ME region.
I have in non K OC BIOS with ME version

1. I found information in this thread that the ME version must match with the BIOS version, is that correct?

2a. Is there any instruction on forum to enable BCLK OC on stock bios?
2b. Is possible to OC Xeon?

On BIOS repository from manufacturer (MSI) I found two versions similar to ME from thread ( and the oldest
3. Which version of ME should I use?

I’m waiting for Xeon E3-1240 v5 from seller.
I bought it for 35 USD in Polish bidding :wink:
But new costs about 200 USD in my country…

bclk overclock does not work for Xeon, at least we never found a way with 100’s of tests in the thread you linked - Trying to boot a Xeon E3 1270v5 on Asrock z170a-x1/3.1 (Help) (2)

ME version must be whatever you want, depending on what you want to do, within reason and within the ME rules laid out in the ME thread - ie you can put ME 12 in board with ME 10

For Xeon on this board, I suggest you use the version I mentioned above, we’ve already tested and confirmed it’s working with Xeon on MSI boards. - after that you can later test if or later 11.0.0.xxxx works or not.
Great deal on the CPU!


I’ve flashed bios version a91 with non k overclock.

Xeon is working with my motherboard.

When I flash rom after me cleaner it works with my Pentium without any problems.
When I use Xeon E3-1240 v5 bios resetting to default on every boot -> picture xeon_error.jpg.

The VGA LED of EZ Debug turns on for 3 second with Xeon during startup.

Xeon booted with ME and clean with me_cleaner with small letter s option (-s)
The problem with bios reset only occurs with Xeon.

1. Is the problem occur due to the lack of a built in CPU graphics card?
2. Is there a way to stop the bios reset on boot?



I replied to help you here, no need to post same info/question in many places
Xeon E3-1240 v5 working with MSI Z170-A PC MATE but with bios reset on boot

Try to edit an old version bios with non-KB lake microdes that may works fine。
I tried to oc E3-1235L V5 On asrock b150 z170 with idt chip named b150hyper or z170hyper and it works fine!Oc to 4GHZ is too easy!
notice: use the old bios with me 11.0.* and disabled or cleaned.
Hope could help!

Im running a Xeon 1230v5 on a MSI E3 GAMING KRAIT V5 - im trying to figure out if im locked to BCLK overclocking, or if there is a way to modify the BIOS to let me increase the multiplier.

Is the ability to overclock the non K boards a microcode update? and is this overclock able to use multiplier or do you have to modify base clock?

I tried to flash this ME:
ME Support the use of 1151 Xeon CPU on 100, 200 series motherboards.
Is it possible to run without 16MB flash chip replacement for non K OC?

You question doesn’t make any sense to me. Please explain in more detail what you are asking

I have a Xeon e31225v5 and have been looking into using it on my z170a MSI titanium mpower board I’m very new to bios modding and am struggling to work it all out
I realise being new to this is a bit of a pain for you but we all have to start somewhere thanks for any reply

@Jonno - I’ve helped a few users with proper BIOS for MSI Z170 and Xeon here, search around and you will find the thread, info, etc and what needs done is discussed there, maybe even BIOS already made for your board.
If you still need help on that, and can’t find the thread to bump/add info/request too let me know and I will try to find for you.

yeh I was interested as I have got a free xeon and motherboard I have got an intel mobo aswell that it runs on at the moment the only thing that is a pain on the intel board is the fans run flat out all the time plus I wanted to mess witht the baseclock I like tinkering lol
I got my i5 6500 to 4.2ghz from 3.2 on air and its great lol ive pushed it further but its not very stable as everything else obviously speeds up with the baseclock
the xeon has a higher stock frequency and I have access to many of them for free lol

@Jonno - Sounds like ME FW issue there, corrupted or disabled, not ideal or needed for this “I think” but I could be remembering wrong.
I will see if I can find the thread later tonight, I think it’s just certain older ME FW you have to use, and then possibly certain microcode too not sure, but we have it working on several MSI models I’m fairly certain.

thank you very much your awesome
ill look through the threads bud