Z87 g43 gaming bios mod xeon e3 allcore boost

Hello i have a msi z87-g43 gaming mainboard running with intel xeon e3 1271 v3. My problem is the boost clock on only one core. I hear with a modded bios i can run on all cores 4GHz. Can anyone help me ?

You could try these. .A72 have only 306C3 v99 mcode which is v7 but renamed by MSi itself. .A73 have mcode 306C3 v7.

Z87 G43 Gaming Mod.rar (6.1 MB)

to flash, open readme first. after you flash the bios, delete all files named mcupdate_genuineintel.dll, if you wan to update the windows to the latest, update it first till no update, then flash bios, and delete all files named mcupdate_genuineintel.dll, and reboot. as always DWYOR. why delete mcupdate_genuineintel.dll? because if you dont, windows will use its microcode stored, no matter what mcode you have it would use file from that .dll, so in order to use bios mcode, the windows mcode must be non existent. if you do flash either .A72 or .A73 and it booted fine and mcode works, tell which bios you use, and send the results here (hwinfo64 summary tab).

okay thank you. Did you have mod this bios? Is unlock overclocking possible on this cpu ? I know there is no huge differenz but i want to do it. I have delid my xeon and using liquid metal, by 100% cpu usage i have 46°c.

overclocking is not possible (afaik), but all core turbo boost value the same as x1 core only boost (say x1 boost is 4ghz, then all core is 4ghz, instead of 3.7)

okay and i have read also about the bclk is this possible to tune ?

probably, but i wont recommend it. try between those bios and see which works.

okay i have try it with the read me and cmd but its not working, they say not correct command

move it to the folder directory, for example you put it at D: so do cd /d D:\foldername

i have put the folder at D:, what you mean with directory sorry i am from germany i dont understand it perfectly

(The “fpt” command is either misspelled or misspelled
Could not be found). writes there

directory is the address to the folder

say you have folder “yes” on A:

so the directory is A:\yes

well see whats the .exe are inside there, use the .exe name, if its fptw then do fptw

yes i have do it with ftpw but doesnt work and with the directory was all correct. I try it with “ftpw.exe”

okay with ftpw.exe its worked, i delete the .dll files and what you mean with dwyor

so it works fine i can now enable all core turbo, but i have allways 3,8ghz now wich settings i have to change to have by 100% usage 4ghz on all cores? And thank you for the mod bios

which file did you use?

delete all mcupdate_genuineintel.dll (there should be 2 files) found to make windows use bios mcode. if you did update windows then redo the delete dll.

please show in the bios of which mcode is used (ususally in system info), and hwinfo64 summary tab ss.

i have used the A73 file. When i dont stress the cpu all cores running on 4ghz but when i am gaming or stress the cpu then its by 3,8ghz

after lot of searching and try out settings, i have downloaded the msi intel xtu and changed all energy saving settings to off, overclocked my ram to 2000mhz and then put the baseclock to 104,15mhz. Now i am running on idle with 4,2ghz and with 100% cpu usage by 3,98mhz, i have testet gaming and it runs much better i think with the ram and the energy saving settings my cpu is stronger. Thank you for your time :grinning: :+1: