AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY)

Not sure but i think is sharing, at least seems new, the vbios, old one was the GOP its already know.

I want to patch the GOP in AMD vbios_1638 to make this vbios file support UEFI

Has there been, by chance, any luck or attempts at getting this tool to support AMD UEFI v3.x that was introduced with the Radeon 6000 series?

I’m already working on a program that supports this.

preview GOPlab v0.1:


The test on my own RX 6800 was successful.
AMD Navi 21 is pending …
It will take a while …


The new RTX30 series graphics cards have not yet found a feasible way to flash the machine. By analyzing the Nvidia firmware upgrade tool, it is found that only certain versions are allowed to be upgraded, and the reason is unknown.


mailed you XD

will this support turing cards and above?

Only AMD, first RDNA 2 then 3 maybe also backwards 1.

I also thought that GOPlab is a new version for all video cards, not just for AMD.

For Nvidia and older AMD cards there is GOPUpd.


GeForce 210 [GPU GT218]
original flash pm25LV512
Changed to pm25LD010
added GOP
recorded on a flash
and it did not help, the video card does not work with efi, the error remained.
If make a vbios backup through GPU-Z, the file size is 64 kb, not 128 kb. If make a backup using nvflash64 - the size is approximately 128 kb.
Need to fix RDID? What is the problem?

Lastest GeForce GT 1030 GOP update not working…

GP1xx - 0x30013 - May 22 2020 - 28441822 - CDDB7BDF

Can’t boot If I active “Windows 8 feature” on UEFI BIOS (this is to boot with secure boot and all UEFI settings, not in legacy mode). BIOS screen stops and not boot into Windows (and had to reset CMOS).

Any idea?

And the current OS installation was a legacy boot or UEFI boot mode?
You can boot an UEFI OS back in CSM but not a Legacy OS in UEFI mode, it does precisely what is described.

EDIT: Ok if its in POST, then we assume that your gpu card or motherboard doesnt like the new revison of the GOP driver or what else changed in the vbios structure.
Better return to the previous GOP version or its original one.
On AMI bios: 0x99 Super IO Initialization

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OS is in UEFI mode.
Boot error is before OS charge. MSI motherboard start screen shows “A2” number on bottom right corner.

EDIT: GP1xx - 0x30012 - Jun 18 2019 - 26614047 - 8753D2F5 this and earlier versions works well

Check the header parameters of the GOP. Sometimes GOPUpdate will ignore the original header parameters and cause the graphics card to fail to initialize.

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Can you explain me how can I check this? Thanks

There are enough explanations in the post about which data is the header data of GOP and what they represent, so I won’t repeat them here. Here are two main points to be concerned about:

The first is that the stock GOP file contains parameter data. In most cases, these parameters are the same, but some models use different parameters. The tool lacks the necessary judgment when updating and introduces the original parameters into the firmware.

Especially starting from the Pascal architecture, changing the parameters will prevent the graphics card from successfully completing the initialization, resulting in UEFI initialization errors or even initialization failures of the graphics card. For the Pascal architecture, the 0x2Bh (ClassCode) and 0x31h (Last image) should be kept the same as the original firmware.

Here is an example (from MSI GTX1070):

In addition, the tool will perform additional padding in some cases. In most cases, the padding data will destroy the original data structure, so it is unnecessary.


This is 0x30012 vs 0x30013 GOP file. I have no idea if this is valid, it is very difficult for me. Sorry in advance

I think you should have seen that there are many different parameters in the header data of the GOP file (0x2Ah & 0x31h), which is the reason for the failure to initialize the graphics card parameters incorrectly.


I think I’m understanding this. But, the tool itself can’t correct this parameters and set both identically?