Dell Precision T3600 Bios A14


I need help by activation of a factory disabled AMT.
Is there any hint for me, I want activate full AMT function.

I dumped SPI an ME, see attached File (WinRAR5).

thanks, ralph

me.rar (3.03 MB)

spi.rar (5.06 MB)

Flash attached ME region with command "fptw -f me_fix.bin -me", set the jumper to default/locked position and do a ME/platform reset via "fptw -greset" command.

me_fix.rar (2.97 MB)

great Job, it works very well!

big thanks

My T3600 was shipped from the factory with the Intel ME capability disabled. The solution outlined here appears to be exactly what I’m looking for to enable it.

Before running throught the procedure, I would like to confirm the location/marking of the jumper mentioned in the solution. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Check the manual, it should be there. Probably named ME_Disable or similar.

I had already extensively searched the various manuals / online discussion without much success. If such a dedicated jumper exists, it appears the label would be “HMRFPO” (Host ME Region Flash Protection Override).

Alas, no such jumper on my T3600 motherboard. A close inspection reveals only two jumpers: RTCRST (clears NVRAM) and “SERVICE MODE”. The latter jumper is not explained anywhere that I could locate.

Odd that my T3600 came with ME Disabled - HWiNFO shows it’s Corporate Market Type (5.0MB ME Firmware image), Intel ME is shown present and active, but Intel AMT is shown “Not supported”. When I press Ctl-P during power-up, the BIOS displays “Preparing MEI menu” for a short time but then the screen clears and the OS starts booting.

It’s the “SERVICE MODE” one. Set it and you should be able to dump the SPI image via FPT.

This is my first post on the forum.

So Hi everyone!!

Hi plutomaniac I have just purchased the same pc as the OP (Dell Precision T3600) and have updated to the latest Bios A14.
Essentially I have the same problem i.e on boot up a message saying MEBx prepairing pops up but no MEBx menu appears and pc continues into windows OS. So I believe AMT has been factory disabled.

I have information to give you from MEInfo, MEManuf etc

Should I start a new thread or just continue to ask the questions here?



No, you can post here. Enable the “SERVICE MODE” jumper on the board to be able to dump/reflash the SPI firmware. Use Flash Programming Tool with command “fptw -d me.bin -me”, compress and attach the resulting me.bin fie here.

Thanks for the reply.
I took a "leap of faith" before you replied and flashed using the me_fix.rar you provided HoRa followed by fptw -GRESET and voila! …it worked!
Intel Manangement interface now accessible via ctrl-p at boot up.

Thank you so much.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your support and explanations within previous posts.

Just to be certain as i don’t want to mess with this can you confirm the “SERVICE MODE” jumper to be enabled on the T3600 is this one as pictured below?

This way i can dump and attach the resulting me.bin as well :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help.

You can verify that by trying to dump the SPI chip after the jumper is set. Just use Flash Programming Tool with command "fptw -d spi.bin" and it should complete successfully.

I have the same problem and unfortunately I have a lot of questions.

My Dell T3600 has the sticker “ME Disabled 3” BIOS A14. If I understand correctly this thread, it is possible to run the Intel AHT.

Below the list of steps and my questions. Please check this order.

0) If all goes well, can I upgrade to the A15 BIOS (without any “hack”) ? AHT in A14 bios is not safe

1) Connect this jumper

2) Dump SPI and ME using the fptw tool

2a) Download “Intel ME System Tools” from Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools
Which versions? I have a problem with defining a series ( Intel ME System Tools v7 r1 - (Updated: 2016-10-13) ) ??? I’m not sure. In A15 is “ (WS)” ?

2b) Dump:
fptw64 -d spi.bin
fptw64 -d me.bin -me

3) How to modify ME file? Should I use plutomaniac me_fix file?

4) Flash with new me file

fptw -f me_fix.bin -me

5) Remove jumper

6) Reset ME settings via “fptw -greset” command.

7) At this point CTRL P should work

thanks, AleGor

@ AleGor:

Yes it is possible to enable AMT and then update to A15 which has the AMT vulnerability fix. For ME7 firmware you need to use System Tools v7. Since I have apparently already made a T3600 me_fix above, you can use that. Thus, follow steps 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

After the fourth point:

C:\Intel ME System Tools v7 r1\Flash Programming Tool\Windows>fptw -f me_fix.bin -me
Intel (R) Flash Programming Tool. Version:
Copyright (c) 2007-2011, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
Platform: Intel(R) Patsburg Chipset - Reserved DID 0x1D41 Revision: Unknown
Reading HSFSTS register... Flash Descriptor: Valid
--- Flash Devices Found ---
MX25L6405D ID:0xC22017 Size: 8192KB (65536Kb)
MX25L3205A(D) ID:0xC22016 Size: 4096KB (32768Kb)

Error 104: The 2 SPI flash devices do not have compatible command sets.

Is this correct?

I haven't yet made points 5 and 6.

I was probably too optimistic. I didn't make point 2b :(

You may have changed one or both of the SPI chips. You can try to edit fparts.txt to make them the same and hopefully it will work. Otherwise, you can use other flashers such as flashrom or similar. The procedure remains the same and it will work.

Dear @plutomaniac after my “leap of faith” I have a “crisis of faith” :wink:

Could you write more details? I try very hard not to spoil this computer.

I don’t understand why other people didn’t have this problem. I’m not the first owner of this computer.
Was this computer modified by someone else earlier …?

You wrote about fparts.txt I found it. But I don’t know what is the next step. :frowning:

Such an error is usually because someone replaced one SPI chip of the two with a similar (but not the same) and the replacement is not completely compatible with the other original chip. In this case, the Chip Erase Command is different between MX25L6405D and MX25L3205A(D). Try to use FPT from ME System Tools v8 and see if that one works. Otherwise, you can try to change the Chip Erase Command of both chips to 0x60 (the one the 1st has, which contains the ME region).

Maybe this is another version of this motherboard ?

Yes, In fparts.txt file i see: MX25L6405D - 0x60 MX25L3205A(D) - 0xC7


OK. When I use fptw from v8, do I use fparts from v7 ? (MX25L3205A(D) doesn’t exist in fparts from v8)

Maybe but that’s not the point. The OEM should use chips of identical specs and optionally of different sizes.

No, use FPT v8 as it is.