[Help] Fujitsu Ivy Bridge IGP - No EDID when using UEFI Video ROM

Hello all,
I’m writing about a bizzarre issue I’ve encountered on two Fujitsu Esprimos P400. One has a SNB Pentium G870, the other an IVB i5 3450. The motherboard is a Fujitsu D2990-A31.

On both of these machines, whenever I set the bios to use only UEFI video option ROMs (In the BIOS under the “Boot” tab, then “CSM parameters” and finally “Launch Video OpROM policy”: “UEFI only”) and/or disable CSM, then the DDC communication over the VGA port dies and the computer behaves as if it had a monitor with no EDID, the boot screens and the OS are both stuck at 1024x768, and the display is detected as “Generic non-PnP monitor.”
The DVI port behaves as it should, the computer boots at the native resolution and its EDID is correctly read under any OS.

If I set it back to boot with a legacy video ROM or with CSM enabled then both DVI and VGA work as they should in this scenario: boot screens at 1024x768 then when the OS loads and the driver kicks in they’re at the correct resolution.

This behaviour happens with BIOS 1.30 and 1.23.
To me seems like a configuration error in the EFI GOP module config and/or the video BIOS. I’ve already tried updating the video roms with UBU but nothing changes, I’d guess because when exporting the current configuration with BMP it exports the misconfiguration too.

Does anyone have an idea why does this happen? Ideally I’d like the computer to boot entirely in EFI mode, with all legacy/CSM cruft turned off.

Attached you’ll find both the original 1.30 BIOS release from Fujitsu and the UBU updated image I’m currently running.
d2990.zip (5.5 MB)

This could be specific Fujitsu setting to disable the old Analog signal to the D-Sub port and use only UEFI on the more recent port DVI, in the bios code itself or OROM/VBT settings.

The BMP tool is used for updating the settings in to a new OROM Intel VBIOS (A legacy vbios used in CSM on)
[Guide] Transfer of specific Intel OROM VBIOS and GOP VBT settings by using Intel BMP tool - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS modules (PCI ROM, EFI and others) - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

VBIOS in GUID A062CF1F-8473-4AA3-8793-600BC4FFE9A8

and used to update the settings in a new GOP VBT (Used by the GOP driver in UEFI mode),

Intel GOP VBT GUID 878AC2CC-5343-46F2-B563-51F89DAF56BA
Intel GOP VBT GUID 0F729F33-25C1-41A7-86B2-23A737A91823

Off course this (BMP tool ) as nothing to do with a GOP EFI DXE driver.
EFI GOP Driver IvyBridge - 3.0.1030
EFI GOP Driver SandyBridge - 2.0.1024

These 2 updated files (OROM VBIOS SNB-IVB and RAW GOP VBT SNB/IVB-MOBILE), should be used, not just the vbios rom/DXE driver, by UBU.
UBU doesnt support VBT update for lower than 8 series, UEFItool or MMtool should be used then.

I did some more testing, booting in native EFI mode with two monitors, one connected to the DVI port and another on VGA and a strange thing happened. I only had an image on the VGA display, which was detected with the EDID of the DVI screen.

Sandy/Ivy bridge Fujitsus desktop came with either DVI-I + DP outputs, in the posher models, or DVI-D + VGA in the lower end side of the market. So I thought, what if it thinks its separate DVI and VGA connectors are actually a combined DVI-I port

I then downloaded some different BIOSes from a variety of 1155 Fujitsus and started checking.
The 0F729F33-25C1-41A7-86B2-23A737A91823 VBT from this P400 has the same checksum of the one from the P710, one of the fancier DVI-I plus DP machines. This can’t be good.

The fix is to edit both 878AC2CC-5343-46F2-B563-51F89DAF56BA and 0F729F33-25C1-41A7-86B2-23A737A91823 VBTs with BMP, and set, under General Features,

  • Analog CRT DDC GPIO pin pair: “Analog CRT DDC GPIO pins” (originally set to “Integrated HDMI-B DDC GPIO Pins / sDVO I2C GPIO pins”), and
  • Single DVI-I connector for CRT and DVI display: “No” (originally set to “Yes”).

Save the modules, replace them, reflash and then everything should work as it’s supposed to.

Checksums tell me that this issue/fix should apply to most, if not all, Fujitsu 1155 motherboards which have a VGA and DVI-D output, or at least the D2990, the D3120 and the D3171.

Thank you @MeatWar for pointing me in the right direction.


Glad you made it, cheers.