How to remap audio jack in BIOS ?

I am cross-flashing BIOS between some motherboard and their audio jack layout is not the same.
Is there a way to remap audio jack in BIOS ? or driver ?

I found it’s related to verb table in BIOS, but I can’t find these code to modify?
Anybody helps?

What board and BIOS? It may be possible to simply copy audio related module from one to the other.

Clevo P750TM to Clevo P750DM.AMI Aptio V BIOS.
I use IDA to look at RTLCodec modules , but it wont help.P750DM’BIOS dont have these modules to compare.
I compare HDAS part in DSDT , they are identical.

I recognize IDA assembler, but not the rest, only see that when people talk MAC/OSX. But hopefully it’s not anything related to what I was considering looking into.
Since you say all that’s the same, then hopefully it’s not part of where I planned to look. I will have a look now, thanks for the model names.

Which model is your goal to flash, for confirmation. I assume you have P750TM and want to/already flash P750DM, correct?
If you have not already cross-flashed, go ahead and get that done, it may be OK and work properly. If not, then work on correcting.

Since I see all these warnings -…-thread.416916/
Please link me to the BIOS for your actual model that you have already flashed previously, so I know it’s correct/safe BIOS proper for your specific board.
And then link me to the other model from that same manufacturer that you want to cross flash to (Or link the BIOS you have already successfully cross flashed).

I have P750DM,Z170,original BIOS only support kabylake.
I mod P750TM BIOS to work on P750DM,so that I can use coffee lake CPU.
Now only have audio and power off bug.Audio jack mismatch and when I connect device to AC power , windows won’t shutdown but only reboot.
I think audio bug is related to different hardware design and BIOS configuration.
Power off bug is related to EC communication modules incompatible.
I have SPI programmer, I do this on my own risk.
Original BIOS of P750DM
My modified BIOS ported from P750TM Link:…p;Password:4dv1

Windows shut down issue is likely due to ME corruption. When you did the coffee mod, did you use cleaned new ME? If yes, does it show up properly now, without errors in MEInfo?
You were aware, during doing that mod, that only certain version ME works properly for this mod correct? If you didn’t do anything regarding ME and left as it was, that’s probably the main issue with the power stuff.
Certain ME needs to be used, and it needs to be a properly cleaned version ported over with settings from your original BIOS ME.

Thanks for links! And it’s good you already have programmer too! If I find something I think maybe could fix for the audio, upload a copy of your current working BIOS mod and I will port into that BIOS for you, that way less hassles with CPU switching around.
I’ll also check your ME while I’m at it in that BIOS. If you want, may be best to send a dump instead of your modified BIOS, dump complete BIOS with your programmer and upload that backup, that way I can see if ME is messed up or not.
Or wait, that’s your modified one already above correct (EFI_Shell BIOS)? If yes, we’re good!

I would prefer a dump from your programmer of current working modified BIOS, so I can check ME issue. If that is not the same as above (EFI_Shell BIOS) Please upload a dump from programmer and current modified BIOS, thanks!

I don’t think power problem is related to ME.
Clevo P750DM2 (Z170)and P750DM (Z170)have identical configuration in Flash Image Tool.
But flash P750DM2 to P750DM(Because P750DM2’s BIOS support kaby lake) , it still have audio and power problem.
I have everything totally fixed P750DM2 BIOS , ported from P750TM , and work with cfl i7 perfectly.

Power problems are often ME related, and since the mod you did has ME inherent issues this is very likely the problem.

Works perfectly but you mentioned problems, at power which is often ME. I doubt those two boards have exact same ME settings, but it could be, did you do the clean ME transfer during your BIOS mod to Coffee Lake?
I mean follow the guide, with clean ME file, not just pull one ME from BIOS to another, or leave same since you said they look same (Looks not always true, some settings are hidden, and you should always follow guide to make clean new ME to insert for this mod especially).

Did you see my edit, about full BIOS dump from your programmer? Or, do you not want me to check ME, you don’t care about the power issue?

Surely I follow the guide,use clean ME Region to build BIOS image.
I compared P750DM and P750DM2 ME configuration(saved in XML and compared by Beyond Compare).
They are identical.

Thanks for confirming you used clean ME and guide. XML compare is not always showing all settings during ME transfer, that’s why I asked to confirm if you did use a clean new ME and guide transfer not just transfer ME in/out from BIOS to BIOS.
Did you reflash description and ME when you flashed in your new modified BIOS? I ask because that is necessary, especially if you did not use your programmer to put on the modified BIOS.

Original BIOS flash batch file has flash description first, then ME, then BIOS. I am unsure if the EFI shell flashing does that too, is why I asked to be sure. If it doesn’t, and you didn’t use programmer, same old ME is still in BIOS, could be cause of the power problem as mentioned if not done this way.
Simply flashing the BIOS with AFUDOS does not flash the ME or descriptor on this board, that’s why it’s done that way in certain order, using FPT first (Desc and ME) then AFUDOS last to flash BIOS itself.

What ME version does MEinfowin show you for FW version in windows?

I’ll look into audio now. Please know, I am not trying to say your mod is done wrong, or need to do different way for ME etc, only trying to help sort the issues out since you mentioned it.

Can you link me to where you read “it’s in Verb table in BIOS”

I flash BIOS via programmer.EFI Shell script is for my friend easy to use.
I must flash description because the ME Region and BIOS Region size of P750DM and P750TM is not the same.

OK, that makes sense on EFI Shell. You should also flash ME via FPT after you do description, but I guess flash programmer covers that (And description too)

Here is test mod #1 - I pulled 2 BIOS modules from original BIOS and replaced into already modified BIOS.

Test #1 - may brick the board, be ready to recover BIOS with programmer! Sorry for possible brick, but this is the dance we do
This warning due to Intel AMI/ACM Bootguard, I see same message about this in the original modified BIOS you sent so may be OK

1. 3762FD01-2980-4AB3-86AA-F5FB27837249 = RealTekPEI Module - Modified, extended size (via 00, using FF did not work) and corrected checksums to match original file size
2. FB73FD5B-FAB5-4EE8-8E32-48035C2071AB = AddSMBIOSType248 Module

** TE Image base values in RealTekPEI module (neither zero, nor original, nor adjusted, nor top-swapped) corrected post above edits, via hex

Thank you for the link on audio verb table, I will read about that later and check it in BIOS when I have time later on. In case this mod fails I’ll look at that next!
But, where do you see on forums or somewhere, someone saying this is where to look to make the changes needed inside the BIOS?
I cannot download that PDF, if you have a copy please upload for me and post link. I tried translate to figure out, but no luck.

I have tried to replace these 2 modules myself in the past.It doesn’t work.Nothing happened.

Did you do what I said to correct the issue presented when you replace them (correcting the TE image base values)?
Please test the BIOS anyway. Not everyone does mod the same even when it’s the same mod, and different software versions do not always do same process with same mod, so not always the same outcome although it may seem like it should be.

I believe you though, but it would be great if you could test BIOS I made and let me know what happens. Also, please upload that verb table PDF for me, I cannot figure out how to download from that site.

I will look at other modification areas too later, that was just my first look and guess at trying to get it sorted out, but only if you want to try BIOS mods I do.
I mean I don’t want to waste long periods of time trying to help you figure out, then you say again “doesn’t work that way, already tried” without even trying the BIOS I spent hours (literally) trying to fix for you.
I’m happy to keep trying to help, but you have to be ready to test and play, otherwise there’s no point in me trying if you’ve “already tried” everything.
Maybe you probably didn’t mean anything by what you said, maybe translation makes it sound negative in your replies?

Lets work together and fix this! Let me know what all other things you have already tried, so I don’t spend long time looking into those routes

Why not do what seems easier, modify the original BIOS to support coffee lake?
Seems like working against yourself on using another board BIOS, especially after you now confirm it’s all compatible and will run on the original model board.

I will test your modified BIOS sometime later. I have no time to test at the moment.

Thanks for your work.

I can’t download that PDF file too.

Modify on original BIOS even cannot boot kaby lake.Not the microcode or ME problem.
I don’t have such ability to add kaby and coffee support to skylake BIOS.
Even work on kaby BIOS , I cannot make it boot with CPU more than 8 thread.
So port Z370 BIOS is the easiest I can find.

You’re welcome! Did you try, original BIOS mod, with update correct microcode for your CPU, and when clean the ME change the SKU to Z370?
This probably all that’s needed for original BIOS mod, many guides don’t say change SKU, but many users report SKU change help fix mod

If you did not try that, I will make you BIOS for that later to try too, when you have time of course. You have to test though

So no download the PDF for you either? Well, that’s no good, who show you that and say “this verb table” stuff fix the BIOS?

Flashed and it wont boot.I guess the PEI module isn’t easy to replace.

I tried original bios mod long time ago. Turst me it won’t boot any kaby or coffee CPU by just add mircocode and switch SKU to Z370.

too hard work, you need manualy rewrite some asm parts in about 15-20 pei&dxe modules in uefi, add new cpuid/logic and etc.

look for CRB*** modules, pei smm and dxe variants. in 2014 ami bioses, HDA pins assigned in file CRBLib.c, so this is "verb" table.
in modern bioses it may moved to acpi tables