Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools (2-15)

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I have tried and build a FW update for my rocketlake and i get the following results, there are some changes in the sizes of the firmwares and there is also the “file system state” being unconfigured vs the original fw from bios as can be seen in the picture, i also get the warning bellow about the missing 4k alignment padding but that should pose no problem has been stated in this thread.

If plutomaniac could have a look at the comparison it would ease my mind to go ahead and flash this on a very recent (new) pc, since the manufacturer is neglecting the IME firmware as shown.

thanks in advance.

Deleted- didn’t read the first line in the ‘disappeared picture’ post…

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FWUpdLcl_16.0.15.1817.rar (498.5 KB)

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MEInfoWin64_FWUpdLcl64_16.0.15.1829.rar (438.7 KB)

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@Geth @GnarZ77

The latest, but also signed by Intel (not Microsoft).
HECI_2221.0.29.0@2022.05.15_same.rar (134.4 KB)

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in beta

FWUpdLcl_15.0.41.2158.rar (519.5 KB)

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Thank you. Whole ROM image or a way to extract just the CSME? (ROM anyway :smile: ) (6.2 MB)


Done at OP, thanks! :slight_smile:

FWUpdLcl & MEInfoWin
pack.rar (6.4 MB)

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FWUpdLcl64 & MEInfoWin64 (7.2 MB)


Hi everyone,

As I had explained 3 months ago, my current plan is that I’m not going to keep up with CSME 16.0 or newer stuff. Thus, I wanted to ask how would you like us (as CSME community) to proceed. I was thinking of creating a new topic which is a copy of this one but for CSME 16+ and implement a different way of storing any updates outside the current MEGA structuring. That topic would be maintained by whoever is interested and finds the newer stuff. You could then collaborate and combine all new info, procedures/guides, firmware, tools etc over there. What do you think? Any other ideas and/or suggestions?

Agree with new topic for 16+, but what about the centralized store for related files…user links is a mess, off course its needs some one that can sort them, but thats knows what is doing and knows ME area…

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