Missing Intel ME from laptop which makes it suddenly lose power every 30 minutes exactly!

I have a Lenovo Z51-70, I ran into a problem a while ago which needed me to reinstall the windows.

While installing the windows, I ran into another problem so I went to a technician who decided to flash the BIOS! After he did that, the laptop started restarting every 30 minutes EXACTLY! I kept googling for a while and understood that it’s due to the missing Intel ME drivers (Can’t find it in the device manager)
I tried downloading the drivers but I run into an error that says that it stopped due to unsupported platform. I’ve tried downloading and installing the BIOS file available on Lenovo as well as downgrading to older versions of the BIOS but with no difference.

I really hope that someone can help me, thanks in advance.

From Section C of Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools, download ME System Tools v10 and run MEInfo tool with parameter “-fwsts”. Show us the result. Also, run Flash Programming Tool with parameter “-d spi.bin” and let us know if you see a CPU access error or if it completes successfully.

When I tried to run the MEInfo tool, it gave me an error even before entering the parameter! I’ll attach a screenshot of the error itself and the log.

Regarding the Flash Programming Tool, I wasn’t able to handle it as I’m not an expert in this to be honest! whenever i tried entering the parameter you wrote it closes and says "Error 200: Invalid parameter value specified by user. Use -? option to see help."

Kindly help if you can.

The error log and screenshot: https://mega.nz/#!b2gDxCCY!H_L2Nr5N98Yui…kU1xy_0Ox8G7Zh4

Open a command prompt as administrator (search > cmd.exe > right click > Run as administrator), go to the MEInfoWin64 folder (cd "C:\blah-blah-blah") and type "MEInfoWin64.exe -fwsts". Same for "fptw64.exe -d spi.bin".

Sorry for the misunderstanding from my side.

I’ve run both commands from the cmd (In both cases, I used Run as admin) The first command showed some information that I’ll attach in a screenshot. The other command gave an error regarding something to do with the permission to read (I was using the cmd as admin)
I got a screenshot for each case

Here’s the link for both screenshots: https://mega.nz/#!q3Y2hKTK!ouX_gwHC2Lhhi…EmrGXmRILfFbhMg

The ME firmware is corrupted. In order to repair it you need to unlock read/write access to the Engine/ME region of the SPI/BIOS chip, as explained in [Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing. In your case, there might be a Lenovo tool which can unlock access easily (section E4). I don’t know if it’s going to work for your system but it might. Download it from here, open a command prompt as administrator at the BootMode folder and run “BootModeX64.exe /UnlockTXE”. The system will probably shutdown immediately and theoretically you should be able to perform “fptw -d spi.bin” at the next boot. If the latter completes successfully, download the attachment and run “fptw.exe -me -f c2cn21ww_ME.bin” followed by “fptw -greset”. After the restart, the firmware should be healthy which you can verify by running “MEInfoWin64.exe -fwsts” again.

c2cn21ww.rar (3.5 MB)