I am now using Afudos ver. 4.4. I do not know what users from the Asus forum used, the link under which is a packet of all files does not work - including the problem ;-(
I attach the modified Bios and the original one.
Previously, I used Afudos from the attachment (I do not know the eggs are the version). In it after entering “Afudos /inamebios.rom” an error appeared, and after entering “Afudos namebios.rom” I was shown a message that it is too big. I downloaded version 4.4 and after the command “Afudos namebios.rom / P / B / K” or “Afudos namebios.rom” I just hit enter and the cursor disappears and nothing happens - everything is suspended, I have to restart the computer with the “power” button .

he loses a link to the Asus forum, there are written files from the packet but no fun ;-(…g-960-EVO-250GB

G771JWAS.rar (2.13 MB)

G771MOD.rar (2.14 MB)

AFUDOS.rar (59.1 KB)

@kosi You have to use the correct AFU version tools that’s compatible with your system, whatever version that is, they will not all work on all systems, so you need to find the specific one.
All that is never clear since AFU does not come with each downloaded BIOS, and is another reason I do not use or suggest AFU. AFUDOS is the worst of the lot, hard to find the right one more than AFUWin/AFUWinGUI etc.

Also, for your usage of AFU, you do not use /ibiosname Below, is a general example of how to use AFU

AFU.exe biosname.rom /switch1 /switch2

Like so >>
AFU.exe bios.bin /p /b /k
AFU.exe bios.bin /p /b /n
AFU.exe bios.bin /p /b /n /k /r

Also to note, some AFU do not work with encapsulated BIOS which you are using, not rom. The .211 BIOS is really a .cap BIOS, rom in capsule, as is your mod BIOS, so the extension of .rom is misleading it’s not a rom or bin, it’s a cap file.

Here is an AFUWin Specific guide for your exact model -…bios-lf.793648/

For use with below method, I have extracted the actual rom/bin (named .bin to avoid further confusion) file from your modified cap BIOS, here is that file
DO NOT USE your attached files above with the method below, you will brick your board, use this file ONLY or suggested >> your freshly created FPT backup file
And actually, I would not use this either if you use below method, per the guides warnings and my last warning in this post. This file can be used with AFU though, and you wont loose details or have to make a new backup/modify!…818027226153645

I suggest you use my method
[GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash

Start at step #6, because I have done steps 1-5 for you, and here is your variables to unlock >> 0xAE & 0xAF
So at the grub screen you will type the following one at a time
Setup_var 0xAE 0x0
Setup_var 0xAF 0x0

You need to rename the .efi file to Shellx64.efi before putting on your USB.

For Intel FPT, you will have to check your ME version in main page of your BIOS, or with HWInfo64 in the large window on left in motherboard section, expand until you see ME then find ME Firmware version.
Once you have ME FW version, download the matching Intel ME System Tools Package from this thread in section C (Probably ME 10 or ME 11)
Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools

Also, pay attention to the Red Warning on my guide, you will need to make a backup first, then modify that again, otherwise you will loose your board details (Serial, UUID, DTS Key, and possibly LAN MAC ID)


the modification you made is on the BIOS from Asus, I did not make a copy of it. Is it going to be that good?

KOSI did u find working AFU?

@kosi please read my post closely, I did not make any modifications to any of your BIOS files. Except, only that one I extracted the actual BIOS file from the capsule, of your modified BIOS.
As for what you are asking, I don’t understand what you mean?

Here @Toorist and @kosi if you guys want to keep trying with AFU, try AFUWin from the 4-5 folder…795774742865167


I will only try everything Lost_N_BIOS writes about
Maybe I can manage this evening how the children will go to sleep, I have to keep quiet :wink:

Do you have G771jw too?

I have same Asus and NVME ssd and same problem


thank you very much for your time and help. I will sit down and analyze it carefully and try to do it :wink:

Kosi where u from?


Lost_N_BIOS above wrote how to do it, but I will try it in the evening. I think you can use these files, etc. If you could do it earlier, please write.


if I read well, your nickname is from the same country: PL? :wink:

I am from Russia. My english is too bad and all of this looks very difficult=)


I have the same problem, so I have to concentrate very much. Everything about what they write here translates to me Google Tlanslator and I know that something can be wrong to translate ;-(

Looks like afuwin64 5.05.04 working, i made back up file. But Lost_N_BIOS told DO NOT USE our modified cap files. i am confused


I do not know, I have not done it yet, but it looks like he has exactly described what and how. I have a modified Bios, but I have not read or used it. It is in the first message in the attachment.

Great you found working AFU @Toorist - you can try modified CAP one with that AFU, it’s OK (Only some AFU don’t work with capsuled file, mainly older versions)


What disk do you want to run?…d=3818936364196

Where in AFU setup menu shoud i make ticks?
- main bios
-boot block
-restart after programmng


I have this one, I think it is similar.