[Problem] MSI X99 Krait Edition Bifurcation Issues / BSOD

Hey Win-Raid people,

I’m pretty unfamiliar with bios modding but decided to dive in after picking up some new storage hardware.

Currently I’m running a 5820k + x99 MSI Krait Edition, looking to split all PCI-E lanes and add-in additional drives as I go, have a 5960x on its way to add-in more lanes / drives; the only devices plugged into the PCIE slots is my 4 X NVME card (Aorus) and a 3070 for video out while testing.

Sofar I’ve been able to modify the N885V.N80 bios that my board is currently running, flash it to the first BIOS position and successfully POST.

In the stock BIOS I can detect one of the two NVME drives in the card.

My problems begin after POST throwing a BSOD while windows is loading, mirroring my bios configuration from the 2nd bank to the first does not change anything sadly. Both banks are running the same revision.


Flashing a fresh, unmodified BIOS to the first bank allows me to load into windows, which leads me to believe I’m fumbling somewhere.

I’m using AMIBCP 5.02.0031 to perform the modifications.

See attached screenshot showing the changed values, these were also changed in IIO 1, IIO 2 and IIO 3 for the highlighted port number to 4x4x4x4x.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Edit: attached screenshot is a different BIOS revision from earlier testing.

Screenshot_20220423-200128_Microsoft Remote Desktop.jpg