Questions about the usage of NTLite

Hello @Fernando & all
Is there any way to change the default Windows 10 wallpaper img0?
I am using free version & found the wallpaper section under Components/multimedia but not able to change or edit that so asking this. Is this a paid feature because I am using the latest NTLite v1.6.0.6174 free version

@SM03 :
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What has your question to do with the topic of this thread?
You should better ask nuhi than us.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hey, thanks, yes, I am new here & want to learn about NTLite Deployment. Earlier I wanted to register into the NTLite forum but then I noticed they’re not accepting new users right now so I follow your NTlite guide & made a customised ISO, but still have some questions, so one of the questions I asked you over that Ntlite OP & I don’t know whether Nuhi is also here at this forum or not, so can you refer me here can I find him & if possible for you, can you help me out about some things concerning NTlite use about Win10 ISO deployment?

My question was how to change the default Windows 10 wallpaper/image i.e. img0.jpg & made a customised user-preferred image via the NTLite tool

Also, I would like to know the following, any help from you, Nuhi or anyone here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

@nuhi , if you are here, then ls consider these things to your next build if not already resent, or else guide me kindly to implement these

Delete EDGE app fully from ISO
Option to exclude Edge shortcut appearance into the desktop from first OS Boot
Stop opening Edge into the desktop from first OS Boot showing the Welcoming Screen

Can’t find the option to completely delete these apps
People App
Connect App
Mixed reality portal App

Cortana & Windows Defender
Completely Disable and/or remove option

How to add the
Malicious Software Removal Tool.exe (tried an exe to cab converter but then the converted cab can’t be added showing error)

How to add other 3rd arty software & applications from an exe and/or MSI installer directly

More option to fine-tuning the OOBE
More option should be added to fine tune the OOBE for attendance setup

I am using the free version of latest NTLite & new to this field so I don’t know much about this DISM deployment & expecting I’d get some help to use in to gain some knowledge & experience from here. If Nuhi is not resent into this forum then someone should post this into the NTlite forum. I can’t register there as they ain’t accepting new users right now.

EDIT Well @Fernando after checking I can see that Nuhi is a registered member of this forum but it seems he isn’t very much active as the last seen is 13th Jan 2018. So my expectation to get any reply from him is quite less in this case

@SM03 :
Since your questions have nothing to do with the thread, where you had posted them ("[Guide] Integration of drivers into a Win7/8/10 Image"), I have moved your posts and my reply into a new thread within the Sub-Forum “Windows 7/8/10”.
By the way: I just have seen, that you have posted your questions into the MDL Forum as well (look >here<). I hope, that you will get your desired answers there.

Well, can you give me the link of the subforum where you moved it
Also, can you help me anything in this case
& yes, I am trying to get as much help as I can to learn these things

You just posted into the new thread, which has been started by you.

oh ok, I got it, you moved this as a whole new OP here
BTW, can you refer me any modded universal installer set for Intel MEI just like the INF of yours? I’ve multiple systems containing different CPU starting from 2nd gen to 7th gen, & for that, I’ve to maintain 3 copies of the Intel MEIO driver installer

For 2nd & 3rd Gen systems = WHQL dated 28th March 2016

For 4th & 5th Gen systems = dated 19th Nov 2017


For 6th & 7th Gen systems= 1811 12.0.1115 dated 14th March 2018)

I tried to install the latest 12.0.1115 to my 4th gen & 5th gen but the system is not accepting those files, so I was thinking if you’ve made some modded installer just like you did for INF so I could use those files.

@SM03 :
Yes, because your request has been completely off topic.

Well, I understand that as I mentioned earlier.

& anything about that MEI

All questions regarding the Intel Management Engine Interface should be posted into >this< thread.

thanks, I will try to find out the relevant one if any

Hey @Fernando
Can you refer me the correct thread for Intel IO driver like INF & MEI

@SM03 :
1. We do not offer Intel’s Serial IO drivers, but you can get them >here<.
2. Within my last post I gave you already the link, where you can find the latest Intel MEI drivers for your system.

2. Yes, I got that & already relied for that on 12th May #11

1. That’s not the latest IO driver though, I am actually looking for any universal modded driver like your INF BTW, hence asked.

Thanks anyway

The latest Intel Serial IO driver can be found at Station-Drivers.

I do not modify drivers upon request. What do you mean with “your INF”?


By your INF means the Intel chipset INF modded driver package that made by you for all kind of Cpu that is posted under the Intel Chipset thread

yes, I got the latest IO driver, not from station driver though, even SD has the driver which is dated, I got the latest from MUC

so, I request you to make a modded IO package like the INF, you can consider if you wish.

And can you tell me how to extract the driver files including INF from a EXE installer, I’ve tried 7zip & WINRAR but not able to find the INF & extract

@SM03 :
What have your questions to do with the topic of this thread?
Regarding your driver modding request I repeat my answer: I do not modify any driver upon demand.

I want to slipstream those INF files via NTlite thus asking for the INF file extraction from driver EXE file

@SM03 :
Try it with the following “Run” command:

xxxx.exe -extract C:\Intel-IO

If you are lucky, you will find the extracted files within the folder C:\Intel-IO.

thanks, I will try that & let you know