[Request] Gigabyte z370 Aorus Gaming 5, make PCH-IO Configuration visible

Can someone help me make the PCH-IO Configuration tab visible, i read on the forum that it can be swapped with something else that is visible.
Maybe replace it with something from the Peripherals tab, something like "Dram Status"
would also like if someone could explain to me how to do this myself so i won`t bother other people in the future.

bios custom2.rar (5.82 MB)

CMON guys, help me out pls.

@Bobosaurus - It’s no bother! This is not an easy mod, very time consuming, and possibly will not be of much value to you really.
What is the above “custom” BIOS, does it have failed edits in it that you were trying that did not work? If yes, I will edit stock instead.

What is it inside PCH-IO that you need? If it’s just a setting or two, it’s much easier to just directly change it to what you want, vs swapping in a menu or setting for another

If you know how to mod in general, and are good at working in hex, I’ve laid out the basics for doing this kind of edit at the two links below for Aptio IV/V
msi z97 pcmate unlocking advanced and chipset menu (2) (Post #22)
See also, non MSI, Aptio V example here - [OFFER] Gigabyte GA-Z370-Aorus Gaming 7 BIOS mod (16) (Post #234)

It’s a very time consuming thing to do, due to all the data collection you have to do before you can even do the actual edit itself
I would not advise attempting unless you have flash programmer to recover (or this board has manual BIOS switches), because if you edit something incorrectly you can lock yourself out the BIOS, or sometimes even boot menu or DOS fails if edit is funky, and if boot/DOS fails you wouldn’t be able reflash.

The custom bios uploaded by me is just the default bios with some stuff enabled/disabled with AMIBCP, also did the $BDR hex edit thing cuz i was getting the invalid bios image thingy.
from inside the PCH-IO, i need the USB Configuration tab from PCH-IO so that i can disable usb ports directly from the bios.
if its tricky and it might break something, i have the dual bios thing from gigabyte which can probably help in this situation.

update: Ive been trying for some time now but i cant figure out things with the limited amount of knowledge that i have.
i guess i`m just gonna leave this topic open and hope that someone can find some time to help me out in the future.

@Bobosaurus - Thanks for the info about your mod, should be OK for me to edit on top of then, I just wanted to make sure you did not try edits that were failing, and then left them in there.
Are you using St1cky’s mod AMIBCP? If not, what version do you have? Send me a PM, if you don’t mind.

Dual BIOS will not help here if anything is wrong and you can’t enter BIOS again, unless this board has physical BIOS switches, then you can fix easily
If not, then hopefully you can boot to DOS Still, there you can reflash easily. I do this edit pretty good usually, so shouldn’t be to worrisome

I gave you the info to do the mod above
But yes, it’s tough and you have to be familiar with editing stuff like this really, even with all the info right there.

So you just want to disable USB ports?? Why such a BIOS mod, can’t that be done via device manager in windows?
I can do it, but it takes me 3-4 hours to gather all the info, then 5 minutes to do the mod. So it’s not really ideal to spend time on such for just USB Port disabling
But, I will do What do you want me to replace? I don’t see “Dram Status”? Some submenu, hidden or visible, is what I’d prefer to swap it with.
Ohh, I found Dram Status, can you see it now/by default?

pm sent.

Everything from the "Peripherals" menu i can see or make visible by changing the Default thing to USER.
my main goal was to disable features/devices to reduce latency, turning off devices from the bios is better than doing that from device manager.
from what i know the dual bios feature has 2 bios chips on the mobo and when one fails the other one starts.

Dual BIOS does not always work, and often when you need it most is when it fails to help usually
It’s a good idea, and does save people sometimes, but not always, and especially not always when you make a bad edit
So be careful, especially if this board does not have physical switch where you can switch from one BIOS to the other.

I hear you on the reasoning there, give me a while and I’ll get this done for you (Swap PCH-IO for Dram Status)

any updates? just take your time if you`re busy.

@Bobosaurus - Sorry, I have not had time to do this yet, will try to do now! It’s hard to talk myself into taking 3-4 hours to work on a single BIOS while so many new requests come in that I want to help with each day.
I’ll get in there now and see if I can get it done quickly this time instead of taking hours to gather the data

take your time brother.

@Bobosaurus - I just noticed you uploaded F2 BIOS (VERY OLD), why would you want to use this super old BIOS? Latest is F15a, I advise you use this instead

no, i want the old one, with no ME updates, plus the 15a i can`t edit with AMIBCP cuz of some error.

@Bobosaurus - I can downgrade ME FW for you to what’s in F2 if you want. Not being able to edit BIOS with AMIBCP is terrible reason to use very old buggy, insecure BIOS.
You can do all AMIBCP edits manually if you want, here is how (see end of post #4 + image).
So… what do you want me to do, still old F2?? I will, if you insist

* Edit, please link me to the exact AMIBCP version you are using, or open it, go to help and tell me the version.
ALL versions except newer mod one (you don’t have) crash upon a single edit/save of the BIOS you sent me

5.02.0031 is the version, maybe they crash because i did the invalid bios image fix that you posted on the forum, the $BDR hex edit thing.

this is the original file download link, you can try using this and i will redo the AMIBCP edits again .

If you did the BDR edit properly, it shouldn’t cause that issue. I will see if same happens on stock, then if not, I will do the BDR edit and see if it causes crash or not.
I don’t want to use AMIBCP anyway, but I did want to check something using it, so a test save was required.

Please delete above attached file, thanks, I already have - Never mind, I will do, in case you miss this post for a while

Hmm, I see the issue here, in a way, and this is why I started asking too, and why I was checking what I was checking. If I do the BDR edit, to unedited BIOS, no problem, AMIBCP can edit/save without issue.
If I do the BDR edit to AMIBCP edited BIOS, then AMIBCP can’t open file again, only sometimes, sometimes it can and then crashes on saving, sometimes not (all VERY IFFY, this BIOS is not 100% compatible with AMIBCP and it should not be used)
Sometimes it fails opening stock BIOS too. All very problematic, and the reason I started looking at this, the file you sent has rebased BIOS Modules that should not be rebased, due to AMIBCP.

Hmm, not same issues on XP, but even opening your BIOS caused freeze or crash a few times, then saved post-edit OK once, crashed next time, etc.
More of the same, not ideal or safe, I would not run BIOS edited like this on any system. AMIBCP should not be used on this BIOS

I will edit stock F2 BIOS for you, then you can make any changes you want to that
If you want, I will manually apply the same access level changes you made in AMIBCP?

theres no need for that, i will do the changes myself since theyre easy to do.

So, I started to make a list, to manually and properly do the changes you made with AMIBCP -
Hide (Show NO)
Rear_DAC Voltage
CPU Core PLL Overvoltage (+mV)
RING PLL Overvoltage (+mV)
GT PLL Overvoltage (+mV)
SA PLL Overvoltage (+mV)
MC PLL Overvoltage (+mV)

Default >> User Access Level
3DMark01 Enhancement
Initial Display Output
Above 4G Decoding
RGB Fusion << You said you had no failed edits in your BIOS, but you have both of these Set to User in AMIBCP, there is only one (Top one is failed edit)
LED Hue + RGB Fusion inside ^^
LEDs in Sleep, Hibernation, and Soft Off States
USB 3.0 DAC-UP 2
Thunderbolt™ Configuration + Thunderbolt™ Support inside submenu
Network Stack Configuration + Network Stack inside submenu
NVMe Configuration
USB Configuration + USB Configuration inside >> USB Devices: + USB Support through Port 60/64 Emulation
SATA And RST Configuration + SATA And RST Configuration inside + SATA Controller + Mode + Aggressive LPM
Intel RC ACPI Settings + Type C Support
Inside CPU Config >> (Intel (VMX) Virtualization Technology)
Inside Power & Performance >> GT - Power Management Control + RC6 + Maximum GT Freq
Inside Platform Settings >> Platform Setting Label + PS2/KB-Mouse + Audio Connector + Wireless Device _ Wake on WiGig + Wireless Charge + Enable WWAN
Inside Chipset >> Vt-d + Internal Graphics + Audio Controller + PCH LAN + Wake on LAN enabled.
Inside SA >> SA Label (Supervisor) + Vt-d (Dupe, it’s above/Supervisor) + Vt-d (Dupe / User) + Above 4G Decoding
Graphics Config >> Graphics config label
PCH-IO (Label) SATA & RST Config (Dupe) + USB Config (Dupe) + HD Audio + Wake on LAN Enable (Dupe) + Wake on WLAN + BT
USB Config (ALL, failed edits, since you can’t see contents inside PCH-IO) << This is your main target correct? If yes, I will be sure to edit setup to remove all suppression items too, so all can be easily made visible via AMIBCP

But, then I see all this ^^ This is a mess, I’ll stop here now, since you said there was no failed edits, I see several above + Dupes that = failed edit too.
I’ll let you do whatever you want with AMIBCP, I’m editing stock BIOS, sorry, I can’t take the time to sort what is failed edit and what is proper, plus this shouldn’t be edited with AMIBCP anyway
Hopefully you don’t have random crashes or brick later due to using AMIBCP to edit incompatible BIOS.

I’ll leave off the BDR edit, that way you can work on this with AMIBCP once I’m done.
I’ll get this done whenever I have some time again, will try to do tonight

yes the main target is PCH-IO, just edit the stock bios, dont bother with the one from me.<br />ill do everything else myself.

I meant the main target is that USB submenu inside PCH-IO, correct?

yup, that usb menu.