[REQUEST] Hidden settings - Acer Aspire A315-33-P40P

hi friends
Can someone help with this? I need to unlock the hidden settings on Acer Aspire A315-33-P40P.
The latest version of the BIOS is 1.09, you can download it from the link from the official site of Acer - link
Is there a Way to do this?
Additional Information:
CPU(combined, SoC) Intel Pentium N3710
Platform DH5JL Compal LA-F943P
bios insydeh20 rev.5.0

@Lost_N_BIOS help me please
I was able to load the BIOS and am ready to send you
the recording was also successful, but only after disabling the BIOS Lock and RTC Lock functions via the H2OUVE tool

@Lost_N_BIOS help me, please

@sergeyshibaev228 - Please flash back in stock BIOS, not edited by you, then do the following and wait.
Do not upload file from step #1 here yet, I will send you vars edit to flash in first, then you willr edo step #1-2 on FPT spoiler below, then I will have you send me new file from step #1 after vars flash back in

If you have already modified the BIOS in ANY way, you will need to re-flash it back to factory defaults using factory method (NOT FPT)!!!
Additionally, please remove all BIOS passwords, disable secure boot, and disable TPM or Encryption if you have enabled. Do this before moving on to below

If you do not have Intel ME drivers installed, install them now from your system driver download page, then start over here after reboot.
Check your BIOS’ main page and see if ME FW version is shown. If not then > DOWNLOAD HWINFO64 HERE <

Once HWINFO is open, look at the large window on the left side, expand motherboard, and find the ME area.
Inside that section is the ME Firmware version. Take note of the version. (ie. write it down or get a screenshot)

Once you have that, go to the thread linked below, and in the section “C.2” find and download the matching ME System Tools Package for your system.
(ie if ME FW version = 10.x get V10 package, if 9.0-9.1 get V9.1 package, if 9.5 or above get V9.5 package etc)
> DOWNLOAD " ME System Tools " packages HERE <

Once downloaded, inside you will find Flash Programming Tool folder, and then inside that a Windows or Win/Win32 folder (NOT x64).
Highlight that Win/Win32 folder, then hold shift and press right click. Choose “open command window here” (Not power shell! >> * See Registry file below *).

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

((If “open command window here” does not appear, look for the “Simple Registry Edit” below…))

Step #1

Now you should be at the command prompt.
You are going to BACKUP the factory un-modified firmware, so type the following command:
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin "

>> Attach the saved "biosreg.bin ", placed into a compressed ZIP/RAR file, to your next post!!! <<

Step #2

Right after you do that, try to write back the BIOS Region dump and see if you get any error(s).
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -f biosreg.bin "
^^ This step is important! Don’t forget! ^^

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

Here is a SIMPLE REGISTRY EDIT that adds “Open command window here as Administrator” to the right click menu, instead of Power Shell
Double-click downloaded file to install. Reboot after install may be required

If the windows method above does NOT work for you…
Then you may have to copy all contents from the Flash Programming Tool \ DOS folder to the root of a Bootable USB disk and do the dump from DOS
( DOS command: " FPT.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin " )

Please also do this - download the following package, and run the command below from each versions folder that directly contains it’s exe. Before doing this, make sure you have secure boot disabled in BIOS, any BIOS password removed, and TPM/Encryption disabled.
Once done, copy the entire folder somewhere, delete everything but any created vars.txt and then repackage this and send to me, this way all created vars.txt remain in place in the folders of the version that created them.

H2OUVE.exe -gv vars.txt

Thank you for noticing!
Did everything as said
http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…622046613514025 - vars
http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…130051747718084 - results dump bios region

You’re welcome!! What error did you get at step #2?
I do not need BIOS region dump from step #1 yet, you will toss that out, or we will use new name and you dump it again after vars unlock
Also, please link me to the BIOS download page (not the BIOS, as you’ve linked above) - thanks. So I can put all this into properly named folder for later reference.

At step 2, an error was received - Error 286: Unable to write data to flash with SPI lock enabled.
Here is the link to download the bios - https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/su…roduct/7541?b=1

Show me this error, never seen before, thanks
So, you said you had to disable RTC lock too, or you could not flash back mod BIOS region before?
Normally, only FPRR or BIOS/SMI/SMM lock is blocking

here is this error (a photo) http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…189439305515157
I said that this error disappears after disabling the functions of RTC Lock and BIOS Lock through the tool H2OUVE

I can send you a BIOS dump to the PM, so as not to shine with serial numbers, etc? I can write bios via FPT without any problems.

What do you mean you can write BIOS with FPT without any problems, you just showed error 286 above.
Please wait, do not do anything other than what I mentioned. If you edited BIOS and flashed in mod BIOS again, start all over, follow my directions and wait.
I don’t want to edit on top of other edits, that is why I did not take your edited BIOS to begin with Doing that only asks for trouble later, that I cannot explain as it wouldn’t be completely my edits

Now, please explain what you did, or what you meant etc?
I was in the middle of typing out my reply for next step, but if you’re flashing in mod BIOS again and not waiting on me, start over please

I have not edited the bios.
I was only able to fix error 286 while recording by disabling the RTC Lock and BIOS Lock functions using the H2OUVE tool.
You don’t have to worry.

What does “While recording” mean?

DO NOT Use H2OUVE tool other than as I describe, as I mentioned above, wait for my reply.
This = you editing the BIOS, thus not my edits. Now, please start all over, flash stock BIOS again, make new vars dumps, send to me and wait.
I had vars edited for you just now, but you’re in too big of a hurry, so you must start over now

When you make new vars dump, after stock BIOS re-flash again, just use H20UVE_100.00.16.08 and send me that one only.

Okay, I reset the BIOS to the factory ones, reflash it and am ready to listen to you.
you can leave the old vars, they did not touch, and before creating them, I reset the settings and I flashed the factory BIOS.

Please see my edit above, slow down, and wait for the help you asked for
I have deleted the old vars, please make new one after you reflash stock BIOS again.

Ok, I flashed the factory BIOS, error 286 is in place.
Here are the new vars: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…242739866559973

Thanks. It’s OK, I just do not like to edit on top of other edited BIOS, because if any issues, you don’t know it’s due to what you changed or what I changed, or mix of both etc.
You still did not follow my direction again, this is very bad to not follow directions when you are messing with BIOS I mentioned to check my edit above, where I said to only send new dumped vars from H20UVE_100.00.16.08
And, so, now I ask, are you sure this is new dumped vars after you reflashed stock BIOS again? And not just you renamed the folder? If not, you have to tell me, otherwise it could make BIOS brick when I edit and send back to you

Yes, these are new settings after re-flashing the BIOS, I’m sure of them.

OK Now, my original reply to #8 >> Thanks, interesting, I’ve never seen that error before. I thought maybe you had wrong # and summarized the error comment OK, so we disable FPRR (if enabled), BIOS and RTC Lock via mod vars.
After you flash this back in via the command below, there will be a long list of success/fail, then reboot and run FPT Step #1-2 again using new file name (such as biosregnew.bin), once you pass step #2, send me the new file from #1
Place the file below into this folder, H20UVE_100.00.16.08, then run command below from that folders location. Then reboot, and do as mentioned above

H2OUVE.exe -sv varsM.txt

Everything is ready, friend.
The recording was successful, the laptop after applying the vars was not scared.

OK, please wait, let me see if I can find the menu unlocks for you, thanks

Well I’m waiting for.