[Request] Unlock IntelRCSetup in MSI X99A-SLI

Model: MSI X99A-SLI

Link: https://download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7A54v33.zip

Method of flashing BIOS: https://storage-asset.msi.com/files/pdf/…sh_the_BIOS.pdf

Reason for unlocking: Enabling ECC support (I already have ECC Registered memory and a compatible Xeon)

I’ve done some rudimentary BIOS modding before, but I haven’t dealt with this type of GUI. The entire IntelRCSetup section seems to be enabled, but the GUI does not provide access to it. You can see the GUI in the pdf file linked above. I’ve seen that others have modded this bios (or similar) in the past, but their links have been removed. Perhaps there might be a way of disabling the fancy GUI and using the default one.

To flash the bios, the m-flash utility in the bios is used, though alternatively, one can opt to do it through DOS.

If someone could help me mod this BIOS so that I can access the ECC setting, that would be greatly appreciated.

Image of AMIBCP showing the desired setting:

Provide capture screens of what u have access in bios menus… this is a must for further guidance.
Only a modder with the same mboard knows wots visible or not in bios defaults.
By default u need to set access "USER" in sub-menus not visible inside the already visible menus.

It seems that it uses only a certain part of the menu, and through the gui makes the rest not accessible, even though it is enabled:

It refuses to resize this properly, here’s the URL: image


Hi~! try this mod and respond to the result. Let me know if you could see the menu tab “IntelRCSetup” appears under Settings button=>Advanced tab.

Unfortunately, it’s not there:

Ok~try this one again.

You seem to be getting close; a lot of the stuff shows up, but not the IntelRCSetup:

This is very weird ,on my before experience ,you should see menu “Intel RCSetup” appears under old Advanced tab or new Advanced tab ,but now it seems fail.
Here is no.3 mod ,if the result is still can’t see menu Intel RCSetup show in bios ,i would changes my way of thinking and use another methods and also is the last method to edit this bios again.

But now it’s 02:21 A.M ,i need to take a shower and go bed ,i would do mod for you in next time or tomorrow.

Good luck.

Thanks a bunch for your effort! The bios is frozen when I enter it, here’s an image:

I can still boot, so I should be able to flash another image.


Here is new mod ,test them and let me know the result.
Good luck!

I tried them all, here are my findings:

4 and 5 behave the same as the second bios you submitted, in that they show more settings, but not IntelRCSetup.

6 behaves like the regular BIOS, no new settings are shown at all.

On no.5 mod ,have you click m-flash button? and what’s the result ?

On no.6 mod ,i only do some changes under Settings button=>Boot ,could you see Advanced tab??
If yes ,does it can be click?

For 6, I do see the IntelRCSetup in the Boot -> Advanced tab. Although, I don’t see ECC, can you force it to be visible to everyone?

Never mind, I figured out how to enable ECC in the menu. But thank you so much for figuring out how to access the IntelRCSetup!


I think you should is edit with amibcp ,but i still wanna edit IntelRCSetup module ,and i will give you another mod
that unlocked many tabs under Settings button and also contain IntelRCSetup menu unlocked.
I need some time.

ask again , on no.5 mod ,what happen when you click m-flash button??

It just gives the popup that asks me to reboot to m-flash. When I click yes, it freezes, which is normal.

Hi guys,
Can someone explain to me how to unhide IntelRCSetup using available tools ? I need this for ASRock X99.
The problem is that IntelRCSetup is in a different module “Platform” when all the other stuff that shows up on the GUI is in “Setup” module. Nothing from “Platform” module is currently displayed, so it’s not even quite clear where to start.