[TOOL] Easy automated Mod tool for Coffee Lake bios

I have Main asus strix b250h gaming, used revlaay mod tool, to use i3 8100
the process is complete but when using ezflash3, an error “Selected file is not a proper” occurs
Please help

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You cannot flash a modded Asus mainboard BIOS by using the EZ tool. It detects, that the BIOS is not an original one.
Please read the start post of the thread named “[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS”.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)


Hello, i have a ASRock z270 Pro4 and i would like to mod it for a 8 series intel cpu, can anyone help me?
ME version is: and i can’t find a guide to downgrade it
and i can’t find what modifications i need to do to the motherboard. I am fine with isolating some CPU pins.

Hello, maybe you can help me, sorry for the bad English, I use a translator, I bought a Gtx 1080 mxm id 1BA0. installed on clevo p870tm g but after turning on the black screen. the native bios of the card installed several vbios from the site, but it will not accept the driver, it says no suitable hardware was found, how to fix the situation?

hello there,

is the link for the tool stopped working or it’s just me?

Flash this vbios and post a bios screen.

I was told to find this bios

currently working with 86 04 5B 00 91 no sli

@revlaay plz ?
any new links?

Lazy users, blind users or stuck mouse wheel???
Theres a valid link valid a few post above

EDIT: WHAT??? Your telling that 19 post above is more hard to track than 1552… get a life and better excuses. Over_n_OUT.

Hello Again Guys,

all done perfectly on intel 9600kf and z170a gaming m7 but the problem here is that the CPU clock is actually stuck on 0.8 and the XMP + game boost is not working, tried to overclock it manually but it’s the same,

not so stable, if I restart it, it might go for the windows or it doesn’t show anything and the Debug shows D6 error.

idk what to do to solve the clock issue and XMP

plz help!

<3 <3 <3 <3

EDIT: it reads the basic clock of the CPU 3.7 on the top right corner but if u look at the clock itself it show 0.8.

That vbios is pretty much vaporware. Maybe someone have it stored somewhere (that is the newest non Gsync SLI vbios for Clevo cards)

Yes, even if without sli everything de for good reason it is this bios, I want to try it)