Use the E3 V5 series CPU method on the H110 B150 Z170 motherboard

If you disable ME, you can make E3 V5 CPU work on the main board of the Intel 100 system.

But not all motherboards support it, such as Gigabyte. Disable ME motherboard not work!

ASUS and ASRock have a successful model test.

open FIT>Intel ME Kernel>reserwod>yes

Did you run any tests at all? Or do you just claim, that it works?
If you are just claiming this, then make it clear.

Are you referring to reserved? I opened the FIT but did not see reserwod option under ME Kernel tab.

ASRock B150M Pro4 Hyper was tested supporting E3v5.

Method:Intel Flash Image Tool modify Intel ME Kernal \Reserved from no to yes.Using Instsnt Flash in Board flash the new bios into the board,OK! I had tested the ver1.1 and 7.0,two are OK.The important thing is guarantee the modified ME into the board.Afu is not useful.

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Can you show us that it work?…01#119332355101

@htpcfans Can you help? What i have to do is take bios image, drag to FIT them change the Reserved NO to YES them build the image bios and flash on the mobo?

The process of moding bios is easy as you said.But the process of flash is different.MOBO of ASRock have INSTANT FLASH tool in bios that do not check the ver of ME and flash all of the region contain the Reserved ME into chip of bios.It is all for ASROCK.But other motherboards has strict check rules.You could need a independent programmer.ASUS Z170I PRO GAMMING is compatible with E3v5. The ver of ME in the original bios must be 11.0.xx.xxxx.Good luck!

All of GIGA mobo do not support the modding for E3v5 through reserved ME.It is so sad for GIGA.

@htpcfans Thanks for the tips. So Asrock MOBOS are the best choice for this mod? I can buy Asrock Z170a-x1/3.1 with first bios release. I did check with ME Analyzer and ME is so think is OK. About micro code, this bios is pack whit three:
06E3,06E1 and 06E0. Is that gonna work? Can OC via BLCK?

The microCode of E3v5 is same as Skylake and you can update the ver of 506e3 to C2 (2017-11-16).506e1 and 506e0 is for ES CPU,suc as 6400t and QHJE 2.6G E3v5. I know anout OC a little. In TieBa of China,someone said OC is normal ,but the speed of Cache is lower,the integrated VGA will lose the function.

Finally you buy a Z170 in 2018 ? Please do not take it too hard!

@htpcfans Yeap, i’m on P55 with a Xeon X3440. I can get a Asrock z170a-x1/3.1 + Xeon E3 1270v5 + 8gb ddr4 2400mhz lpx for less than an i7 8700k on my country. So i think it’s good deal, especially if BCLK OC works. About ME, to downgrade ME version I need to downgrade the BIOS version, right? The microCode, the C2 is the Revision, correct? So it has to be on the C2 to work?

What are the prices of E3 1270 v5 and I5 8400 in your country?

@htpcfans E3 1270 v5= 120 US dollars and i5 8400= 215 US dollars.

The cheapest b360 mobo that i find was a Gigabyte B360M DS3H for 120 US dollars. The Asrock z170a-x1/3.1 that i mentioned before is like 65 US dollars. There is an Asus z170p d3 for 80 USD, but the seller told me the BIOS is update to support Kaby Lake and i think ME version is 11.6.xx.xxxx.

Before the Spring Festival(Chinese new year),I5 8400(in bulk) = ¥850 Yuan and I3 8100 = ¥530 Yuan;Before 2018-4-1,in China,I5 8400(in bulk) = ¥900 yuan ,about 140 US dollars;Now I5 8400(in bulk) = ¥1050 yuan.Please see a minute.Something is very cheap on taobao in China.

A programmer i bought several days ago.…&_u=kl2lu3hc2ab

Do you buy somethings on ebay? Something is also very cheap.

Import from China will be more expensive and will take like 2~3 months to get here.

It is the best eShop in China.

I did not want you buy something in China, i just want you compare the price of these U and mobo.In China now who buy pc of Skylake/kabylake will be regarded as idiot.

Maybe these prices will be lower after 2~3 months.

That programmer here cost 16 USD lol.