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@wendell At present it seems I cannot edit/update my posts, is this possible or am I just being osbtuse?

I wanted to report that the [Guide] Award/Phoenix BIOS Modding thread is missing the latest posts (there were on the previous forum) with my guide for supporting Nvme on older platforms. Perhaps this will be useful to someone.


You are right, but you can correct this issue in a way that is beneficial to all interested forum visitors:
Copy the related post within the old Forum and start here a new [Guide] thread within >this< Sub-Forum.

  1. The related Sub-Forum matches the best your Guide.
  2. Your guide is worth to be set as a thread starter (Guides should always be within the start post and not on page xxx of a certain thread).

Thanks in advance!


Can you link to one of them that you expected to edit but couldn’t? I can probably see what it’s doing that way

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currently, the emojis on old posts are huge, i.e:

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@wendell Sure, here’s a couple;

[OFFER] EVGA Z370 Classified K BIOS unlocked

[OFFER] Intel CPU Microcode Archives - Special Topics / CPU Microcodes - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

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Yes I’ve noticed. It’s because they are treated as normal images in this forum, so they display at their original size. We may be able to do something with CSS if we can match all these image links which came from old forum software icons. Not sure, we’ll see after the bigger issues are resolved. I’ve added it to the Known Issues of the OP though, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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gonna try to do a pass later on the private messages, few hours, anyone around that had a bunch of private messages that can help validate? if it isnt right Id want to roll back pretty fast.

gonna take about 4+ more hours to finish importing

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Oh my, such a blast from the past. :sweat_smile: I normally delete all PMs, but everything since 2014 re-appeared (2013 for even more OG members). Probably because of the “conversation” nature of the modern PM systems, if the other party/parties still had these PMs in their inbox, they automatically appear to everyone involved. Don’t get me wrong, this is how PMs should be nowadays, and it looks great, just surprised me a bit, haha.

Obviously, it works. Great work Wendell! :clap: Has the import finished? Did it encounter any issues? On my end, I cannot talk about pre-2022/04 PMs (don’t have them at the old forum), but I think some new ones may be missing. For example, one from April 24th 2022 (judging by the old forum).

PM looks good from my side.
Posts don’t have modified edit date time, only original post date is preserved?

Under Interface we have Hide my public profile and presence features. If it set it hides from everyone including registred members. Is it possible make hide from public, but not from registred members.

Win-Raid Full Width userstyle theme

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ok with private messages ‘handled’ (haha sorry aquavision, can just mass purge/archive them from your acct) I dont need to be “close” to the server anymore. Putting it back in europe so its faster for everyone else. also will fix old domain in a bit.

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viewer discretion advised

ok, now running in the eurozone with some better edge caching. on to the next todo item…

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Only globally, not per-user