Welcome to the new site!

Works! Thanks Wendell. :wink:

For some reason, it seems to me that “in the new house” I am disoriented and cannot control either the topics or their maintenance.
With a 32 inch monitor, information is presented on 11 inches.

When will the database transfer to the “new” Win-RAID Forum be completed and all the threads up-to-date?

As you probably have realized, I have spent within the last months a lot of time with the Moderation of the “old” Win-RAID Forum trying to provide a well structured, up-to-date and optimized database for the expected final transfer of the complete Forum to its new home.
Obviously this hasn’t yet been successfully executed. Here are some threads, which are still newer on the Xobor than on the Level1Techs Server:

  1. "Intel RST/RSTe Drivers "
  2. "Intel EFI “RaidDriver BIOS Modules”
  3. “USB Drivers (original and modded)”

After having seen yesterday new Intel RST drivers v19.2.1.1006 offered by our partner site “Station-Drivers” and I couldn’t find these drivers here, I have started to update the start post of the related thread within the “new” Win-RAID Forum - until I realized, that the related update had already been done by me within the “old” Win-RAID Forum on 04/18/2022. To avoid any confusion while you are trying to get all recent database changes transfered into the Level1Techs Server, I didn’t execute the already finalized update of the related start post.


Google Translater (Browsers - Maxthon, Firefox) - can’t translate new site.

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I said same. Half screen crap. Much unused space. Need new theme to fix that.

Indeed. Shows the background only. Probably because it doesn’t process javascript or similar. I think there is an official Discourse plugin though, will look into this at some point (not top priority). Thanks for the feedback!

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I am hoping this weekend I will be ready to do another pass on the 190ish threads we’ve identified +/-


I can look for other themes which support wide-screen in the near future (not top priority). Added to Known Issues at the OP. Unlike the previous forum, Discourse is fairly customizable, but we’ll need some time to iron out all the issues and missing features. Thanks for the feedback! :wink:

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@wendell @plutomaniac

Modifications for current theme for max. width.

theme_3.scss at 259 line change (html body #main-outlet)

margin-top: 30px;
margin-top: 10px;

padding: 3em 3em 5%;
padding: 10px 10px 5%;

max-width: 1150px;
max-width: 98%;

discourse.scss after 333 line add (.wrap)

max-width: 100%;

topics.scss at 28 line change (.container.posts)

grid-template-columns: auto auto;
grid-template-columns: auto 95px;

topic-post.scss at 482 line change (.topic-body)

width: calc(#{$topic-body-width} + (#{$topic-body-width-padding} * 2));
width: calc(100% - 50px);

I’m not 100% sure about width: calc(100% - 50px);, but let’s see what users say.

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The layout here is so different. Will there be a theme that makes it more like old win-raid? I really liked the look and styling of old win-raid.

@wendell @plutomaniac
Did you read it!

ok I think old threads are updated, anyone want to help check?

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looks like it

a lot of the threads have newer replies, so it seems to have worked


Does someone know of (an already existing, before December 2021) post which added/changed/removed an attachment between mid-December and late April? We would like to check if these got updated as well. Titles of interim-updated threads are not updated, from what I can see, but the post contents seem to be up-to-date now.

Hey “boss”, i just checked 2 older posts before Nov 21, attachments seems ok, regards.

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Wew lads. That was a pain. On to private messages. I have good helpers :slight_smile:

How hard is it to edit some files?
Large Icon missing

As easy as it is for you to be patient, but most importantly: polite.

Forum Rules > #1

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you just got roasted

Better not answer. :rofl: