Welcome to the new site!

Welcome,. and ideas to keep improvement? Any trouble getting signed in?

If anyone is having any trouble resetting their account they can email me at wendell at level1techs.com and I will try to help them get their account. reset!

Welcome to the new site! I am sure there will be bugs and changes y’all want to make. No problem! Let’s discuss here.

Known Issues:

  • Domain (win-raid.com) does not redirect to new forum yet
  • Post edits between 2021-12 and 2022-04 have not carried over
  • Two Factor Authentication codes fail (“Invalid authentication code”)
  • Private Messages not migrated yet
  • Topic sticky/pinned status not migrated yet
  • Some missing/non-resolving attachments
  • Broken links which contain lists within their text field
  • Some out of place posts with weird dates
  • Browser built-in translation does not work
  • Add wide-screen theme components
  • Color option of toolbar does not work
  • Old post colors may look bad on dark themes
  • Some old post icons are very large



The old site had some pinned threads. It is possible to have them also here?

yes, sure, do you remember which ones? Some of them are pinned in their respective sections, but I might have missed one

its beautiful.

I am so happy that the site successfully carried over! Thank you wendell for all that you have done for us!


must be pinned threads in their respective sections:
-[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer
-AHCI & RAID ROM Modules
-Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers
-USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)
-Intel Chipset Device "Drivers" (= INF files) - #2 by hanson
-[Latest] Intel Ethernet/LAN Drivers - #66 by lfb6
-Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools
-AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY)


done done and done, I hope! :smiley:


w0h00 I get a little bit shocked as I get the popup “read only mode”
Thanks to new and old staff for keeping everything alive. Hell it would most painfully depressing for me if everything got lost like Rebels Heaven Forum.
I know I’m not a 24/7 power user but If something need to be work out or help is urgently needed I will try my best to help.

Again thanks for keeping everything online :mechanical_arm: :pray:t2:


as a long-time user if you see anything discourse can do for us that would be awesome, or design changes that make things easier, please let us know.

Open to any and all ideas. This platform is hugely more flexible.

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well you all had a hard job done with migration let’s see if everything run well.
The design also great ( also the mobile design looks good and fits my old iphone se screen )

If you compare two posts Original and Migrated you will see missing color formatting.
And where are signature info?
I would like to see using all display width. Not some crappy half screen sheet.
Where can I find this crap (Settings & Selected threads)?

Or maybe migration is not so great done! I think what I would need to go manually as usual - Migration Crap.

hmm, good catch. The colors are still there, but it uses markdown instead of html, so it is a bit different:

I converted it to markdown using this tool. and then used the color icon here to insert the color. You might have to control+refresh or clear cache to see the changes.

Xobor didn’t supply a list of user bookmarks, however, this icon is how you boorkmark a thread:


then your user profile you can see what you’ve bookmarked.


I will double check the files they sent and see if I can see those. Its pretty quick to re-bookmark if you want to do that though.

if you click the bookmark icon a second time it’ll take you to a more featured bookmarks page, too, which is maybe handy.

You cant move an entire forum using software from 1998 to software from 2022, its not that easy

@wendell , @plutomaniac , and @Fernando did massive work to even get it this far, give them a break

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@Aquavision Don’t bullish. If you sit long enough and compare both DB structures you will find where all crap needs to go.
@wendell So I need manually bookmark my Selected threads? And whats about private messages?

yeah, not seeing any data about user bookmarked threads in the dump we got, but still digging. It was for sure not in the first dump, but the second dump has a few more things.

Soon, read the OP. Common questions and known issues will be added there.

Will signature be enabled?
I’m adding Selected threads manually anyway.
Post formatting is not great - missing coloring, alignment and font formatting.

You’ve reached the maximum number of daily bookmarks. You can create more bookmarks in 23 hours.

Again some crappy limitation. I can’t live anymore.

upped it to 90. Also working on the signature thing for profiles.



is not

great -

missing coloring

  • alignment

and font formatting.

table heading goes here
something something something else stuff
stuff other umm yay
peter piper picked a
purple pepper playing possum

this might be more useful though:


  • List item
  1. List item


Spoiler and/or accordion

it’s a sled. Rosebud. It’s a sled.

code block code block code block code block code 

block code block code block code block code block 

code block code block code block





What about RSS - Old Feed?
Couldn’t find. Will it be enabled?