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Yes, that was some of the spam we had with the old forum, which I had circumvented by throwing new users to a restricted group upon signing up. You must have had these before at some point, but deleted users got migrated as “system” and their pm/conversation had you as participant (among many others) so that’s why they appeared again here. Unfortunately, all of us will need to delete these manually.

no, all of my private messages have been replaced with the spam bots, so i lost everything i originally had

In general, old migrated PMs are a bit weird/broken now. In my case, various PMs start with these spam posts but then include a completely different conversation. Check if that’s the case for you as well. Not sure if something can be done about this, honestly. I’ll tag @wendell just in case.

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Even the replies to my private messages are somebody else’s conversation or the bots.

The find function that overrides the browser function doesn’t work. I have to ctrl+f twice to do a search, and I don’t like it.

Seems to work just fine, did you press enter?

I didn’t know I needed to press enter. It works now that I do, but I prefer the function in my browser.

Ok, good to know it works now. A second ctrl+f should bring up the browser one if you like. I can’t do anything else about that :disappointed:.

Pluto, my dear friend, I dont recive message to E-Mail about answer in forum. How check it? I dont use any translaters, my language Russian.
UPD. In old forum too.

Something on your end then. I don’t know. I suggest you try verifying or changing your email address at your profile preferences.

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Thank you. I will change mail-box to another in profile, then return back.
But I recived in e-mail mesage from you now :stuck_out_tongue: