ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F

I’m wondering if somebody could mod the latest BIOS and have it support 128Gb of RAM as oppose to the 64Gb it currently says it’s limited to. It’ll pick up the RAM, but will only report 64Gb as usable.

Latest version is 2401

File attached (9.91 MB)

@hazrdss You can do this yourself with CoffeeTime 0.92.

You will need to enter your MAC Address, Serial Number and UUID then unlock 128GB suport on the ‘Extra’ tab.

Asus has BIOS locks to stop you flashing a modified BIOS, so you will need to use a SPI programmer to flash the mod.

Would this be my BIOS chip? It’s just to the right of the battery…



@hazrdss Neither of those chips seem to be the BIOS chip - great photo’s btw. Can you take some more photo’s of some other candidates?

@chinobino - Wow, can’t believe no USB Flashback support on this model!!
I think BIOS chip is on right corner of board, near SPI header and right bottom corner of SB heatsink -…ecooking-98.jpg
If you want to go the non-programmer route >> FPT could be used to dump BIOS region here, disable BIOS lock, reflash mod BIOS.
This file can be used with Coffeetime to edit too if you wanted, then no need to mess with serial, UUID, MAC ID

For 2401 @ grub/setup_var
Rename .efi file to >> Shell.efi

BIOS Lock variable to change >> 0x915

If forced to use RU method, change is to be made in “Setup” larger one GUID EC87D643-EBA4-4BB5-A1E5-3F3E36B20DA9

If you guys need me to leave info how to do FPT dump/reflash, or use grub/setup_var or RU method, let me know.
I only dropped this info to save you the hassle of using programmer when you really don’t have to, but for some, that may be the easier route

More info the better regarding this method, treat me like a noob :laughing:



I’m trying to run a backup with the Windows version of FPT however all I get is an "Error 201: [FTPw64.exe] cannot be run on the current platform


@hazrdss - Sounds like wrong FPT version, I think that is what 201 means. If you are on 2401 BIOS, you need V11 ME System Tools package, you can get latest here in section "C.2"
Please do below, do not give me file from step #1 yet, you can toss that after you do step #2 and see what error you get. We will make a new FPT #1 file later, after we disable locks
For all this, secure boot needs to be disabled, no BIOS password set, and no TPM/Encryption enabled.

If you have already modified the BIOS in ANY way, you will need to re-flash it back to factory defaults using factory method (NOT FPT)!!!
Additionally, please remove all BIOS passwords, disable secure boot, and disable TPM or Encryption if you have enabled. Do this before moving on to below

If you do not have Intel ME drivers installed, install them now from your system driver download page, then start over here after reboot.
Check your BIOS’ main page and see if ME FW version is shown. If not then > DOWNLOAD HWINFO64 HERE <

Once HWINFO is open, look at the large window on the left side, expand motherboard, and find the ME area.
Inside that section is the ME Firmware version. Take note of the version. (ie. write it down or get a screenshot)

Once you have that, go to the thread linked below, and in the section “C.2” find and download the matching ME System Tools Package for your system.
(ie if ME FW version = 10.x get V10 package, if 9.0-9.1 get V9.1 package, if 9.5 or above get V9.5 package etc)
> DOWNLOAD " ME System Tools " packages HERE <

Once downloaded, inside you will find Flash Programming Tool folder, and then inside that a Windows or Win/Win32 folder (NOT x64).
Highlight that Win/Win32 folder, then hold shift and press right click. Choose “open command window here” (Not power shell! >> * See Registry file below *).

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

((If “open command window here” does not appear, look for the “Simple Registry Edit” below…))

Step #1

Now you should be at the command prompt.
You are going to BACKUP the factory un-modified firmware, so type the following command:
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin "

>> Attach the saved "biosreg.bin ", placed into a compressed ZIP/RAR file, to your next post!!! <<

Step #2

Right after you do that, try to write back the BIOS Region dump and see if you get any error(s).
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -f biosreg.bin "
^^ This step is important! Don’t forget! ^^

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

Here is a SIMPLE REGISTRY EDIT that adds “Open command window here as Administrator” to the right click menu, instead of Power Shell
Double-click downloaded file to install. Reboot after install may be required

If the windows method above does NOT work for you…
Then you may have to copy all contents from the Flash Programming Tool \ DOS folder to the root of a Bootable USB disk and do the dump from DOS
( DOS command: " FPT.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin " )

After step #2, you will get error 368 or 280, toss out file from step #1
Then do below guide, starting at step #6, I’ve done 1-5 for you and info is below/above
[GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 280 or 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash

Rename .efi file to >> Shell.efi

BIOS Lock variable to change >> 0x915

So, at grub prompt, you will type the following and hit enter, then reboot (if error, take image of the screen and show me) This is case sensitive

setup_var 0x915 0x00

If you get “offset out of range” error, reboot to windows and try FPT 1-2 again, if fails, then I will have to show you RU method and grub changes were not applied
You can also confirm this, by rebooting back into grub after the attempted changed, and run the command below as it is, and see if it reports 00 (unlocked, change applies despite the error) or 01 (locked, no changes applied)
Once changes are applied, you will redo FPT 1-2 with new file name (like biosregnew) and once you pass step #2, then that file can be modified and flashed back without issue

setup_var 0x915

Here is how to make this change with RU method instead of grub/setup_var - Go to section 2.2 and make bootable USB with RU program, then read 2.3-2.5…-issues.812372/

You will make the change in “Setup” as the guide describes, make sure it’s the larger one
Offset to change >>> 0x915 >> Change 01 to 00, then save, reboot and do FPT step #1-2 with new file name, #2 should pass, then this new file can be edited/flashed back using step #2

@hazrdss You’ve found the BIOS chip, [Edit] Micron N25Q128A (3.3V), 128 Mbit (16MB) flash.

@chinobino - Thanks, I forgot to comment on that >> “Micron MT25QL128AB” (2.7–3.6V) or a “Micron N25Q128A” which exists in a 1.8V (1.7–2.0V) version and 3V (2.7–3.6V).
On the chip is to see “25Q128A” and a “e4”-logo which is used by Micron. << Works best with v1.31(1.4) (CH341AFree)
I can’t remember how to tell which is 1.8V vs 3.3V, but I think we can tell this by checking current set voltage in ME FW

* Edit - I just checked stock BIOS and it’s set to 3.3V in the ME FW, so this must be the 3.3V version

@Lost_N_BIOS Oh, thanks for pointing out that important difference MT25Q128A Vs N25Q128A. I have edited my post above with correct info.

I have disabled the bios lock using grub.

Trying to open the new biosreg.bin file in CoffeeTime and now get a "BIOS image wrong or damaged!" error, so cannot modify.




@hazrdss - Send me the file I will do the edit for you

Edit - Ahh!! After all that! Sorry, I forgot for 128GB mod, you also have to set HAP bit in ME FW (ie disable ME FW), so you will need to dump with programmer or do pinmod to unlock FD and allow ME FW read/write.
Dump chip with this version software from package below >> v1.31(1.4) (CH341AFree)…213094641136166

Good news, I already found and wrote out the bytes that need edited in two modules, so just have to do that and disable ME FW in your dump

nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

I have a programmer at home. Will mess around with it after work tomorrow (first time I would’ve used it).
The software is new to me though, be interesting if I can figure this one out

Yes, sorry, I forgot all about the ME FW byte needing edited too
Here is a guide on using programmer with lots of images, should help you get it all going easy - [GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer

Things to keep in mind!! Don’t hit Auto, erase, or write with the programmer, until it’s time
All you will be doing for now is Read, then verify, then save, all manually.

We can maybe do that with ME FW Update tool, if you don’t want to mess with programmer right now?
But, I am not sure if it will program in a HAP bit disable or not, I’ve never had anyone try to see if it’s possible or not.

I don’t mind trying, if it does mess up I could always go the programmer route correct?

Yes, we can try. First, dump FD and lets see if you can also dump ME. Do below, same way you dumped bios region before, send me both these files in zip
FPTw.exe -desc -d fd.bin
FPTw.exe -me -d me.bin

ME May fail, if read permission is locked in FD, if that happens, I can still use FW from the stock BIOS to make you FW to flash in via FW update tool.

Here are the dumps (1.39 MB)

I will get on this later today when I get back, if Chinobino has not already
Sorry, but I’ve got to get a few hours sleep or zombies take over

I’m in no rush! And appreciate the help, it’s very insightful.
I’m off to bed myself anyway, work in a couple of hours!

@hazrdss - Here, drop this into the following folder, then run Admin CMD Prompt from this location, and use the command below, then reboot >> Intel CSME System Tools v11 r34\FWUpdate\WIN32
If you see any size warning, stop, do not proceed, show me image of the command entered and the error shown…498678940789624

FWUpdLcl -f MEHAPDisCUT.bin

To confirm the change was flashed in, check BIOS main page and see if you see or N/A for ME FW version
Or, you can also check this way with HWINFO64 (may be “Missing” from this area, or may show version as mentioned above, not sure)