[CH341a Problem] Which bios_ph1 Cable for ASRock Z270 Pro4?


i bought a CH341 A, unfortunately the clip doesnt fit well on the chio and its not removable so i wanna try it through the bios_ph1 header, i just dont know which cable to buy and appreciate your help. i will add any info which could be useful for finding it out below.

found this from another forum regarding to a "ASRock Z370 Extreme4 "


MX25L12875F Layout

5 MX25L12875F.jpg

and this is my mainbaord with same missing pin

z270 close.jpg

ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4

2 ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4.png

probably there is not a one click buy solution maybe …if i decide to make a custom cable with jumper wires(male to female)…could you please help me where i would have to connect each cable on the PH1 header…i only know the layout of the ch341 which is this:


or would it be possible to remove the 8 cables from the spi slip and use those instead? where would i connect them in the ch341? pin1 is also marked in red on my cables (my cable is 8pin)

Screenshot 2022-02-10 214001.jpg

model related? i dont know

my chip : MX25L12875F

found more info which could help, its from asrock J3455M manual which has same ph1 header:


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i contacted asrock support and they confirmed that the layout matches the one mentioned in the asrock J3455M manual. according to that layout the solution for spi25 chips would be as follows:

000 XXX .jpg

i copied all the info needed from various sources into one picture to make it as easy and understandable as possible ( yes im no graphics designer ) hope that helps couple of you out there, cause even i suspected that the layouts are the same, we only got 1 try maybe and i don’t wanna start soldering a new chip