[Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

There’s no such thing like a ME version range for a single machine?!

Yes, instructions for cleaning (freshly initializing a corrupt ME firmware) are in the first posts of this thread.

It’s recommended to follow those instructions to the letter!

(There may not be a connection between a corrupt ME region and a not recognized harddrive, though)

only happens to me from versison 13 -15

Hello please ihae dell latitude 7430 12th gen need clean me region for bios ST:7872TQ3

hello im trying to clean the me region for dell inspiron 5482 2in1, which csme 12, but iam having error or warning in fit. see below screenshots

MEA 1.93.0 is > 4 years old


yeah thanks, warning/error gone using the latest me analyzer

Hello, I’m here to see if it’s possible to request an “me cleaned version” of the Intel 6400 F20 bios. Thank you.

Bios: https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/BIOS/mb_bios_ga-h110m-h-ddr3_f20.zip?v=5e4143a912102614d0bc285bdb98c150

@MeatWar I don’t think that bsb16 is looking for a clean ME region in the sense of this thread. The linked stock bios already contains a clean, properly configured, not- initialized ME region.

In the meaning of the github project of reduced ME functionality: Not much here- wrong forum to ask.

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Hello! Does anyone have a clean CSE TXE and clean PMC 2021-12-16? I don’t see it in the archive. Thank you!

Hello, has anyone had this problem with a gigabyte ga-h55m-s2 that can help me?

Why not staying in the original thread?

You need to dump your own firmware (both chips) with a CH341 programmer, clean the ME configuration possibly make some changes to the flash descriptor to get proper region size and flash the firmware back- as described here

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Hi, just would like to indicate, that with the help of this forum (and mainly this thread), I was able to succesfully enable ME on some dell optiplex 7050 micro with ME version For anyone else searching the steps for the optiplex 7050 micro model:

  1. set the jumper on the board to service mode(see user manual for details). Else the next step will display an error with reading the SPI memory (ME region is locked for read and write on this model, when not in service mode)

  2. boot into system(e.g. windows), and dump the firmware with FPTW64.exe -d full.bin (from CSME system tools v11 r46, that can be found in this forum)

  3. check .bin with ME Analyzer for the needed clean ME .bin version, in my case

  4. I found that version here, it seems not in the main repo, but is in the tread: Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools (2-15) - #6117 by bronxamigo thanks bronxamigo for the fixed version!

  5. cleaned the firmware, following provided steps in this thread, enabled ME in FIT. I did got a question about bootguard while building, but that seems to not affect ME region (judging on what UEFITool tells me with its yellow lines)

  6. build new firmware with FIT(no errors), and checked it with ME Analyzer and UEFITool if it was a valid image

  7. uploaded it with FPTW64.exe -f firmware.bin

  8. perform FPTW64.exe -greset, and windows went immediately into reset-shutdown

  9. pulled power after shutdown, to remove the jumper for service mode, and turned on the PC

  10. It took a little bit waiting, and a second time turning on the device, before it booted again(I was afraid I bricked it), but pressing F12 now shows the ME options.

Beware; with the jumper enabled for service mode, the ME option is not displayed when pressing F12! That might give the idea it did not work. but it shows only when the jumper is remover

Thanks a lot to all on this forum making this possible!!!

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Some Dell machines often report TPM errors. Can I permanently remove it?

Does anyone have pointers how to update ME region within a BIOS file?

Bricked the laptop, using CH341A programmer to re flash the chip.

The ME version in the original latest BIOS is PCM version 300.2.11.1024. The ME update version that was flashed to the laptop prior to BIOS mods is PMC version 300.2.11.1025.

I’m assuming this is the reason the system refuses to turn on after programming the BIOS chip via CH341A? I did check numerous times to make sure the BIOS flashed matches the BIOS on the chip.

Prior to BIOS mods? If bios mods were flashed after ME update- why should ME be the culprit?

Otherwise impossible to answer with information given.

Clarification. When I performed the BIOS mods and encountered a bad flash, the ME version at that time was PMC version 300.2.11.1025.

Now, I’m trying to flash the BIOS chip with the original BIOS from the OEM via CH341A (I did not do a BIOS dump with ME region initially for my backup - hence resorting to a BIOS from OEM for this system). The ME version in this BIOS file from the OEM is PCM version 300.2.11.1024.

I suspect this is the reason I’m encountering POST issues. Thoughts?

If the bios file from the OEM is a properly configured and complete firmware image it should indeed work if flashed properly.

Since you confirmed a proper flash in your first post, the earlier versions of the ME region should be overwritten and thus no longer relevant.

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Understood. I recall seeing somewhere that certain platforms retain ME versions in PCM. I was under impression if flashing a whole image with an earlier (but compatible) ME version onto machine that had a never ME revision, expect issues.

I don’t recall ME versions retained in PCM? Maybe you refer to certain values fused into PCH- but that’s not dependant on version but end of manufacturing?

What machine are we talking about / what bios did you flash with the programmer?