Need PMC CNP Firmware ver. 300.2.01.x H_A

I’m trying to build a bios for a chipset board with A stepping, it needs a pretty old PMC Region. I have already found ME and FIT, for H_A platforms, but I can’t find PMC. Who knows where to get it, please help me

@Panovich Can you please supply the motherboard brand and model? It would also be helpful to know the Chipset Series (e.g. CNP, ICP, LKF, CMP), Chipset SKU (e.g. H, LP, N, V) of your PCH.

plutomaniac previously wrote;

a hypothetical 300-series PCH-H Stepping B1 system must use PMC CNP 300.2.1x.xxxx firmware
a hypothetical 140-series PCH-LP Stepping A0 system must use PMC CMP 140.1.0x.xxxx firmware

You must be 100% sure you have the correct firmware for your chipset for it to function correctly.

I’m sure I know what I’m looking for. Its HM370, SR40B, but should be with A-stepping. ME Firmware is H_A_PRD. And i know that i am doing, thank you for your concern, i have spi programmer and all stuff. I just have a very rare chipset with 2017 manuf date

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Seems that PMC H_B was used for ‘A’ revisions, too?

yes, but i have trouble with processor then xD Its an engineering sample
i cant build image with A ME and B PMC

And the chipset is production? I don’t think this will work together- I think from ME 12 (or ME 11??) Intel made pre hardware incomaptible with production hardware (different keys??)- so you either use “pre-prodction CSME, chipset and cpu” or you use all of the three “production”.

I think Plutomaniac wrote it several time, but for now I can just find this explanation:

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I know it will) This pch has old production key, for ME < 1058

Well, good luck then…


By the way, how did you find this so fast?


Searched for Alienware 17 R5 bios dump :wink: (since it was the item discussed in the mentioned thread, maybe there still was a dump of the early ones out there- just lucky)


thank you again. everything is ok now

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@lfb6 Nice find! :+1:

@Panovich Thanks for reporting back that everything is working.