x99 A II drivers

so i just reinstalled win10, and now i’m stuck at installing the best new drivers for x99 A II motherboard, i’m so bad at anything related at drivers and it feels like this motherboard is hard to make it work perfectly.

if anyone wanna help i would really appreciate it :pray:

screenshots :

base system.png

unknow usb.png


base system2.png

usb unkown.png

when stuck you should head to product support to determine which series/versions you need or let windows install one and move up on that,if there are none its trial and error

after a fresh installation;
start with chipset (identification) can be either 9.x series,10.1.2x series or 10.1.1.x (not mentioned in support) i would start with v10.1.2x (related topic)
last known chipset driver 10.1.17903.8106
Intel Rapid Storage v14.8.18.1066 (related topic)
Intel Management Engine v11.7.0.1069 (ME 9) (related topic)
Intel Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack v26 (related topic)
ASMedia USB 3.0+3.1 v1.16.61.1 (related topic)
Realtek HDA v9088.1 (related topic)

also check out [Guide] X99: SATA controllers and drivers
3rd party help DUMo
more information on x99 drivers
X99-A-II specs

Edit: no worries fernando :slight_smile:

@doncic77 : Thanks for having followed my advice.
Here is my comment:

  1. There seems to be still a hardware issue with an USB connected device. You may have to find out yourself which specific device it is (do you see any HardwareIDs?).
  2. Regarding the devices with missing drivers I recommend to download and unzip the “Latest Intel Chipset Device INF files v10.1 Series WHQL comp 01-13-2021”, to do a right-click onto each yellow marked device (one after the other), to choose the options “Update driver” > “Browse my computer…”, click onto the “Search” button, navigate to the folder named “Latest Intel Chipset Device INF files v10.1…”, make sure, the the box “inclusive Subfolders” is checked and click onto “OK”. If the related device belongs to the Intel Chipset ones, the latest driver will be automaticly installed.
    I bet, that after this procedure the big majority of the yellow flagged devices will be integrated into the “System Devices” section of the Device Manager section and have now a device name beginning with the word “Intel”. After having done a right-click onto them and chosen the option “Properties”, you will see, whether the device is working properly or not.
  3. Regarding the device named “Intel(R) Management Engine Interface” it would be interesting to know which driver version has been automaticly installed by the Win10 Setup.
  4. Regarding the other devices you should better ask a user, who uses an Intel X99 chipset mainboard.

@100PIER : Can you help?

@ onuracengiz: I am sorry about the double post - you were some seconds faster!

  1. like i said i removed all usb devices and it still shows unkown usb device i don’t know why the problem is still persisting
    2) so i installed manually by following every step everything went good , i went in properties and it says that no drivers are installed
    3) it says 10/03/2017 driver
    4) ok i will do thank you

    thank you for your effort you and @onuracengiz it means alot

usb unkown.png


IMEI driver.png

if not try another chipset version (check driver tab)
how about asmedia and rapid,sound,lan?
if all fails,try the 3rd party app from my previous post

@doncic77 :

Don’t worry about these statements - they are absolutely correct: The Intel Chipset Devices don’t need and cannot use any real driver (that are the *.SYS files)! Neverthess shows the Device Manager of all Operating Systems these devices with yellow “missing driver” flags until the matching *.INF file has been installed.
Regarding the driver for the Intel(R) Management Engine Interface I recommend to update it to the attached v11.7.0.1057 WHQL dated 11/19/2017. It is newer and matches 100% the HardwareIDs of your on-board device.
Regarding the unknown USB device with the “device descriptor request failed” message I recommend to do a Google search for it. I found a lot of advices how to solve the problem.
Good luck!

pure Intel MEI Drivers v11.7.0.1057.rar (172 KB)

i installed Intel Management Engine v11.7.0.1057 (ME 9) they didn’t work and the as media too same problem they have not be installed correctly



This may indicate, that the Intel Management Engine Region, which is within the BIOS chip of your mainboard, may be corrupted.
My advice: Run the MEInfo and MEManuf tool, which is within the ME System Tools v9.1 r7 - (2018-09-01). You can find it >here<.

i did ran those too but nothing happen what should happen?

Why do you think they have not installed correctly? See the second tab (driver) if the driver version checks out with the version you have installed

i installed the driver that fernando gave me


Both links have the same driver.nevertheless it is working.now check others

you’re talking about this one? should i test it?

well even this one is not working either i don’t know what to do anymore anyone please?


Yes.management engine installed correctly,move on to next one

which one??

Chipset,asmedia and rapid,sound,lan (see my 1st post)
Check the driver tabs



chipset as media and rapid are correctly installed , i’m downloading the sound and lan drivers , i just wanna understand why it say device not started even the driver is installed is this a problem? it should be fixed right?

Confirm from device manager.see if the installed version shows up in device driver tab
ignore those messages like fernando said

he said i should ignore the message if i install manually the chipset drivers , but for the asmedia and imei it should be installed correctly since i install them with the tool installer right?
i’m so lost lol